So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 9/5/2018

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The So-Called Guy is back! I am retired again and working full time on my favorite hobby, So-Called Dollars! I am back to my previous schedule of sending out a Fixed Price List each month. The list below is my purchases from the ANA show in Baltimore last week and a shipment of certified So-Called Dollars that I received back from NGC.

The Pocket Price Guide that coincides with the book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” is back from the printers and readily available. Call me, order via email or my web site, or pick up your copy at the Long Beach show coming up next weeks. It is $19.95! You don’t want to miss this opportunity, they are selling very fast! I also have seven different varieties of medals that were minted to commemorate the book that are available for purchase and readily available.

Bill Hyder and my newest book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” is at the printers! It should be available by the end of September. You can pre-order now. The book will have two different versions, a regular full color hard bound version and a special limited collector’s edition full color hard bound version that will have a new So-Called Dollar imbedded in the cover of the book. The regular full color hard bound version will sell for $59.95, the special limited collectors full color hard bound version will sell for $149.95.

I will be set up at the Long Beach Show September 5-8, at table #852. October 19-20 I will be setting up at the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association show in Portland. I hope to see many of you at one of these regional shows.

I have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it within 10 days for a 100% refund. I also have an upgrade policy. If you purchase a medal from me and you later see me offer the same medal in a higher grade you will get full purchase price credit toward the higher grade medal.

HK12NGC 67$250.00Modern restrike, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK15ANGC 65 DPL$575.00TOP POP, only 6 certified, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK17NGC 66 BN$825.00TOP POP, and the only one in 66
HK19CH BU$85.001976 restrike in silver
HK24GEM BU PL$575.00Holed as made
HK29NGC 62 DPL$295.00Thin planchet
HK120AAU$1,725.00Silver Wyoming Massacre
HK124NGC 61 PL$375.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK137BU $495.001878 Washington in copper
HK138AU$375.00Plate medal in Red Book Mega 2, loop attached
HK140AGEM BU$575.00
HK154NGC 65$125.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK154CH BU$79.00
HK154CH AU$65.00Unlisted brass, early striking
HK173CH BU$250.00
HK174CH AU$49.00
HK220NGC 65 BN$750.00Near TOP POP, only 4 finer
HK249BU $145.00Holed as most were made
HK253NGC 63$450.00TOP POP, Bill Weber Collection
HK259VF$70.00Some pester
HK260NGC 62$395.00Bill Weber, near TOP POP, only 3 finer
HK274NGC 62$210.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK276NGC 58$325.00Only 9 certified, wire rim, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK277NGC 53$325.00Only 8 certified, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK283NGC 66$450.00Near TOP POP, 132 graded, only 3 finer in 67, JSC
HK283NGC 65 PL$385.00Near TOP POP, only 2 “PL” finer, JSC
HK296CH BU$75.00Wells Fargo Store Card, obv HK 296
HK296NGC 63$1,450.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK301NGC 65 BN$325.00Near TOP POP, only 3 finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK303NGC 66 RB$325.00TOP POP, the only one in 66, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK304NGC 66$265.00Near TOP POP, 181 graded and only 4 finer in 67, JSC
HK309BU $125.00Struck from clashed dies
HK315NGC 63 DPL$175.00Near TOP POP, only 1 finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK316BU $89.00Coin orientation
HK320BU$95.00Medal orientation
HK321NGC 64 PL$285.00TOP POP in PL, one DMPL finer, coin orientation
HK332BU $365.00
HK340CH AU$150.00Unlisted copper
HK341BU $145.00
HK346BU $185.00
HK349CH BU$165.00No smoke variety
HK349BU $135.00Smoke variety
HK353NGC 62$165.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK360NGC 62 PL$495.001 DWT, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK360CH BU$385.001/2 DWT
HK360BU $295.001/4 DWT
HK368AAU$195.00SH 16-22
HK387CH BU $535.001909 English variety, copper
HK388CH BU $595.001909 Spanish variety, copper
HK398NGC 65$475.00Near TOP POP, finest is 66, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK400NGC 64$275.00Bright bronze, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK400ICG 64$255.00Mislabeled 401, it is actually 400 Bright bronze
HK400AU$110.00Oxidized bronze
HK400AU$70.00Bright bronze
HK401AU$75.00Lightly hairlined AU
HK402NGC 64 RB$395.00SH 18-12
HK402GEM BU$395.00SH 18-12
HK404ANGC 64$495.00Near TOP POP, finest is 5 in 65
HK404ANGC 63$395.00
HK404ANGC 62$285.00
HK404ANGC 61$225.00
HK406NGC 63 BN$150.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK406BU $120.00
HK407NGC 63$175.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK411NGC 63$125.00
HK411CH BU$125.00
HK414CH BU $225.00
HK419NGC 50 BN$225.00SH 18-2, long tail 5
HK422AU$90.00No I&J variety
HK431AU$245.001916 rarest variety
HK437NGC 65 PL$1,950.00TOP POP, only 6 certified
HK456BU $65.00
HK461NGC 64$475.00Silver, only 37 certified
HK464NGC 65$155.00Jeff Shevlin Collection, there are different dies for this pig
HK469GEM BU $225.00
HK470BU $110.00
HK482BU $45.00Silver-Plated
HK483CH BU $45.00
HK486NGC 65$145.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK490NGC 64$2,450.00J 10, 1039 Gold-Plated
HKUNLNGC 67$395.001939 Free Czechoslovakia
HK491NGC 62$185.00
HK497GEM BU $350.00
HK503NGC 63 BN$495.00Bill Weber Collection
HK505NGC 64$425.00Near TOP POP, finest is 65, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK507NGC 62$295.00Only 28 certified
HK508GEM BU$95.00
HK509BU $45.00
HK518ANGC 65$115.0066 graded, 12 finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK520NGC 66$135.00Near TOP POP, only 4 finer
HK526NGC 66$195.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK552ANGC 64$385.00Rare not holed, beautiful blue toning
HK561561NGC 66$165.00Near TOP POP, only 1 finer in 67, JSC
HK562CH BU $49.00
HK562CH BU$35.00
HK563NGC 66$125.00Near TOP POP, 5 finer in 67
HK577NGC 66$135.00Plate medal in Mega Red Book #3
HK583NGC 66 RD$115.00Plate medal in Mega Red Book #2, JSC
HK587NGC 66$95.00Near TOP POP, finest in 67, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK587NGC 64$75.00
HK588NGC 65$85.00
HK588NGC 64$75.00
HK589NGC 67 RD$125.00Near TOP POP, 232 certified, only 2 finer in 68
HK599ANGC 63$395.00Holed as made
HK606NGC 58$125.00
HK622NGC AU DETAILS$265.00Details cleaned, only one certified
HK631ACH BU$565.00Bronze prooflike
HK651CH BU $115.00
HK655BNGC 62$675.00Near TOP POP, finest is 63
HK661ACH BU$195.00
HK662NGC 62 BN$150.00
HK673XF$85.00Unlisted Gold-Plated with original ribbon and badge
HK681CH BU$165.00Copper #4
HK681BU $140.00Copper #6
HK681BU$115.00Copper #14
HK687NGC 63$145.00Anodized Blue, holed as all were made
HK690CH BU $250.00
HK693CH BU$325.00
HK693AGEM BU$325.00
HK693BGEM BU$495.00Only 4 certified
HK695NGC 64$95.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK697GEM BU$375.00
HK704NGC 63$95.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK718BU PL$89.00
HK739NGC 62 PL$95.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK755CH BU$625.00NGC 66 sold for $1,898.00
HK759XF$75.00Some pester on the obverse
HK759ACH AU PL$165.00
HK765BU $125.00
HK772NGC 64$265.00Near TOP POP, 23 graded only 3 finer, JSC
HK774CH BU $115.00
HK788BU PL$4,850.00Lesher Dollar Bumstead First Reverse
HK824NGC 61$295.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK825NGC 62 PL$215.00Prooflike, only 2 PL graded, JSC
HK825CH BU$225.00
HK827NGC 61$1,075.00Near TOP POP, finest is one in 63
HK829GEM BU PL$1,275.00
HK829CH BU $1,225.00Error, slight planchet clip at 2:00
HK832NGC 64$350.00Ostheimer Collection, Near TOP POP, finest is 65
HK853ANGC 65 RB$90.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK856ANGC 65$85.00Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK867CH BU/GEM BU$2,450.00A complete set of all 4 of Colorado’s
HK868CH BU/GEM BUCentury of Progress in original envelopes of issue
HK869CH BU/GEM BUwith custom holders that open like a book.
HK870CH BU/GEM BUSold as a complete set of 4. All original.
HK876CH BU$1,250.00Denver Mint opening 1905
HK913NGC 66$185.00TOP POP, only 3 in 66
HK913NGC 65$150.00
1964NGC 67$115.00Nevada 100th Statehood Centennial

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