For Sale: HK-101 1876 Centennial Lovett Battle of Harlem Plains #4 SCD

$30.00 · Damaged

Reference HK-101
SH 2-60 WM
Date 1876
Grade Damaged
Price $30.00
Item # 2089
Metal White Metal
Designed By George Hampden Lovett
Engraved By George Hampden Lovett

The fourth in a series of eight medals with a large bust of Washington, engraved and issued by George Hampden Lovett to commemorate the Revolutionary Battles of 1776. Fighting took place in what is now Manhattan, New York. The Continentals, who were in an orderly retreat, were infuriated by the British sounding the “gone away” and galvanized to hold their ground. After flanking the British attackers, the Americans slowly pushed the British back and after the British withdrawal, Washington had his troops end the pursuit.