For Sale: HK-454 1926 U.S. Sesquicentennial Exposition SCD

Sold · NGC MS 62

Reference HK-454
Date 1926
Grade NGC MS 62
Price Sold
Item # 2039
Metal Nickel
Designed By Albin Polasek
Engraved By U.S. Mint

Struck to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Obverse features a Washington bust in the center within 13 stars. Reverse depicts Liberty with a torch in her upraised left hand and palm branch in right, rides flying Pegasus to right above clouds, torch held between sun and rays. Struck in Nickel. At the beginning of the exposition the bronze planchets were not available so an order was placed with a local supplier for nickel planchets. The nickel planchets were used for the first 6 weeks of the exposition until the bronze planchets arrived. The outside of the slab has a dull haze over the bust which caused my camera to take a blurry photo. The actual medal is quite attractive.