For Sale: HK-125B UNL 1931 Battle of Groton Heights SCD

$75.00 · AU

Reference HK-125B UNL
Date 1931
Grade AU
Price $75.00
Item # 2025
Metal Bronze
Designed By Whitehead & Hoag
Engraved By Whitehead & Hoag

Commemorating the famous revolutionary war battle fought at Fort Griswold in 1781. There were approximately 150 revolutionary soldiers under the command of American Colonel William Ledyard defending the fort. Brigadier General Benedict Arnold, who the year prior betrayed his American compatriots to join the British, approached the fort with 1,700 British soldiers. The British asked Ledyard to surrender, his reply stated on the medal struck in 1881 starts “We will not give up the fort, let the consequences be what they may”. The British attacked the fort and suffered significant casualties but eventually penetrated the fort. Colonel Ledyard ordered a cease fire and surrendered, handing his sword to a British officer. The officer took Ledyard’s sword and stabbed him in the chest killing him. A black soldier then shot and killed the British officer. About six revolutionary soldiers had been killed prior to the surrender, the British then massacred the remaining 145 soldiers. The design concept of this medal was originally struck in 1881 and then 50 years later in 1931 this similar medal was struck. Struck in bronze. Dies signed Whitehead & Hoag.