Auction Highlights for 2020 – listed below

Jeff Shevlin · January 29, 2021

Sometimes auction prices realized reflect actual values, sometimes they don’t. As a dealer I try to price my so-called dollars at 10 to 20% below auction prices realized, often times more than 20% below. I want my customers to feel confident they are getting good value when they purchase items I have for sale, I want to be their primary source for their collection. Auction prices realize that jump up unusually high may be an indicator of a trend for a particular series, but not always.

The following auction results from 2020 surprised me and they may be an indication of future values. Following the values it sold for in a Heritage auction is the price that I sold the same grade.

HK 289 1901 Pan-American Exposition Official SCD NGC 67 $840
$450 I sold the same grade HK 289 NGC 67 on my latest Fixed Price List two weeks ago. I did get three different customers requesting to buy this SCD for $450.

HK 343A 1906 S.F. Fire and Earthquake SCD NGC 62 PL $720
$250 I sold the same grade earlier in 2020. These are difficult to find uncirculated.

HK 349 1907 Jamestown Tercentennial Battleship SCD NGC 65 DPL $576
$325 I sold the same grade earlier in 2020. My next book “So-Called Dollars from Expositions – Volume 1” will list about eight different die varieties for this SCD, which will have a positive impact on its desirability for many collectors.

HK 401 1915 PPIE Official Medal Gold-Plated SCD NGC 65 $1050
$465 I sold the same grade a few years ago. It’s been a while since I have had one this nice. I did just sell an HK 400 NGC 65 RD, about the same rarity, for $425.

HK 495 1956 International Monetary Conference SCD NGC 66 PL $288
$150 I sold the same grade on my January 2021 Fixed Price List. This is a fairly common piece, but not usually found in gem or better condition.

HK 557 1959 Eugene Oregon SCD NGC 69 $456
I have not sold this medal in MS 69, but I have sold other common SCD’s in MS 69 for much less. Perhaps this is the new value for common so-called dollars in 69? It is difficult to determine where the market is on MS 69 SCD’s as you do not see that grade very often. One thing is certain, there is a strong interest in any SCD graded MS 69.

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