ANA Chicago 2021

Jeff Shevlin · August 29, 2021

The Chicago 2021 ANA show was a great success. Attendance was lighter than normal, but the collectors who showed up came to buy. It was really great to see so many friends and find out what everyone has been up to in the past year and a half.

Bad weather made it difficult to get there, Bill Hyder, my wife and I arrived a day late. I’m sure the bad weather discouraged other collectors who would have come otherwise.

I was absolutely elated and surprised that ANA President Steven Ellsworth, pictured above, awarded me an ANA Presidential Award. It truly is a great honor. Steve presented the award to me at the ANA awards ceremony.

As president of the Token and Medal Society I had the honor of presiding over the TAMS board meeting, the TAMS general meeting, and their banquet that evening. What a pleasant event the banquet turned out to be. We had to add extra tables and chairs because so many additional guests wanted to attend. To the left is Bill with Susan and to the right is Bill with Greg.

In addition to having great sales, I was able to purchase over 100 so-called dollars at the show. You can look for them in one of my future Fixed Price Lists.

Tom DeLorey, in the center to the left is the author of Thomas L. Elder: A catalog of His Medals and Tokens, which was published in 1980. Tom will be a co-author with Bill and me on a new book on Thomas Elder Medals. Every medal will be photographed and cataloged.

In the next six weeks I will be attending the National Token Collectors Association show in Salt Lake City, the Sacramento Valley Coin Club show in Sacramento, the Long Beach Show, and the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association show in Seattle. That’s four shows in just six weeks. The coin show circuit appears to be returning to normal.

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