1884 St. Louis Exposition

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis Merchants resolved in early 1883 that it would be advisable for the city to develop an exposition if the city intended on retaining its position as one of the leading commercial centers of the West. To do so, they determined that an exhibition hall be built in combination with the city’s annual Music Festival. One so-called dollar was struck in various compositions for this exposition. The details are cataloged in my 2023 book So-Called Dollars Volume I: United States Expositions. Click on the “View All” link below to see them.

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So-Called Dollars Category SH 4-31:

1884 St. Louis Exposition Official Medal

1884 · SH 4-21 CU · Copper

A female figure with extended wings walking forward adorns the obverse. Music Hall edifice on…

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