1889 National Railway Electric and Industrial Exposition

St. Joseph, Kansas

The people of St Joseph decided to host an exposition, popularly known as the "New Era Exposition" that would overshadow the Corn Palace in Sioux City, the Mineral Palace in Denver, the Grass Palace in Fort Worth, Texas and the Coal Palace in Ottumwa, Iowa. The exposition was held from September 3rd to October 3rd, 1889. One so-called dollar was struck for this exposition. The details are cataloged in my 2023 book So-Called Dollars Volume I: United States Expositions. Click on the “View All” link below to see them.

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So-Called Dollars Category SH 5-51:

National Railway Electric & Industrial Exposition Official Medal

1889 · SH 5-61 WM · White Metal

Over a dozen ears of corn are hanging on the obverse, Korn King to either…

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