1890 Northwestern Industrial Exposition

Spokane Falls, Washington

The object of the exposition was to expose visitors to the riches of the region, without needing to make the arduous trips required to travel into the undeveloped mountain regions. In addition to the local resources, organizers sought to attract exhibits from the East to showcase the latest in manufactured goods and advancements in arts, to educate the local population, and encourage new industries in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps the most ambitious and most spectacular exhibit was a working silver mine, with all the requisite tools and activities conducted by miners from the Idaho, Coeur d’Alene Silver District. One so-called dollar was struck for this exposition. The details are cataloged in my 2023 book So-Called Dollars Volume I: United States Expositions. Click on the “View All” link below to see them.

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So-Called Dollars Category SH 5-91:

Northwestern Industrial Exposition Official Medal

1890 · SH 5-71 WM · White Metal

The main exposition building appears on the obverse with a micro signature below and to…

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