1896-97 Tennessee Centennial Exposition

Nashville, Tennessee

The Tennessee Centennial Exposition was held in Nashville for May 1 until October 30, 1897. The Exposition was originally scheduled to open almost one year earlier, on June 1, 1896, 100 years later to the date that Tennessee joined The Union. Over 100 structures were built, which ended up delaying the anticipated opening date. Four so-called dollars were struck in various compositions for this exposition. The details are cataloged in my 2023 book So-Called Dollars Volume I: United States Expositions. Click on the “View All” link below to see them.

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So-Called Dollars Category SH 9:

Tennessee Centennial Exposition Official Medal

1897 · HK-274

The official medal designed by Charles E. Barber was struck and sold in the U.S.…

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