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State Dollars HK-210 to HK-219 - Columbian Expo

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Here are a few.

I originally began so-called dollar collecting in 2008 with the PPIE "state fund" dollars (HK-402 to HK-416). Since then, I have branched out into many areas, mostly preferring to collect the "Medals of Local Significance" (HK-589 to HK-776) since I find them historically quite interesting. Using this perspective, I looked at the Columbian Expo (and the 500+ pieces in Eglit's Columbiana book) and thought about what "subset" of this expo to collect... and decided on the state dollars from the Worlds Columbian Expo (HK-210 to 219 ). I like these pieces but they certainly seem hard to locate. I was lucky enough to purchase the attached ones recently. If you have any of these, would you post a photo? By the way, does anyone know why the white metal pieces are drilled with a hole ("holed") for hanging from the ribbon while the bronze item has an attached clasp? I would assume the answers involve cost/ease, but I am not 100% sure. It's funny that I do not recall seeing drilled bronze SCDs (other than a few I own that someone drilled after the fact and "damaged" it) whereas many white metal and silver SCDs were "holed."

Ok, here are a few more...

That is a very cool, and very rare piece!!!

One more... I realize that the above Eglit-16 is a "store card," but I think it goes with the Ohio pieces.... and it is courtesy of Tom Hoffman... as is this HK-212. Thanks Tom!

HK-1006.... recently returned from NGC.

Nice purchase.

I just purchased this 38mm aluminum item with an HK-210 obverse but a reverse celebrating the "Columbian Bazaar for the Children's Home." I tried to locate this piece in my Eglit book, but I didn't see it. I presume this might quality as a SCD, but I didn't buy it for that reason... it reminds me of HK-115-117... and I personally wanted it in my SCD collection since I collect the state fund SCDs from the WCE. Has anyone else seen this presumed unlisted SCD before?

A composite image I constructed some time ago:

HK-212 in aluminum (HK-212B MS60)... thanks Steve Hayden !

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