So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 1/5/2020

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Below is my first Fixed Price List for 2020. The So-Called Dollar market was great last year. It has continued to grow every year for the past 10 plus years. If last month is an indicator, this is going to be an exceptional year. I just purchased two small but outstanding collections.

I’ll be taking these to the FUN show in Orlando next week. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to set aside for you before I go.

Attached (pdf) is a flyer for my newest book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” which won two awards at the American Numismatic Association as the BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR on Medals and Tokens. Also attached (pdf) is a flyer for the commemorative medals struck for the release of the book.

HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK25NGC MS 66 BN$575TOP POP and the only 1 in 66
HK124NGC 63 PL$775Near TOP POP, 7 certified only 2 finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK125BNGC 65 PL$750The only “PL” graded, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK185NGC 62 PL$275Only 6 certified
HK223CH BU$295St. Gaudens
HK290ANGC 63 DPL$395TOP POP and the only DPL, only 19 certified
HK329NGC 61 BN$175SH 14-3 BZ, Only 12 certified
HK340ANGC Unc$65Details cleaned
HK449NGC 58$675Looks CH BU
HK358AU$4,250Silver Utah 1909 AYPE, excessively rare
HK359NGC 64 RD$145Copper Utah
HK372NGC 64$995Near TOP POP, 13 certified only 2 finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK373NGC 63 PL$895Near TOP POP, 7 certified and only 1 finer Ostheimer Collection
HK397AU$165Variety struck with integrated ornate FOB
HK459GEM BU$350
HK462CH BU $145
HK463NGC 63$79Century of Progress
HK466NGC 64$125Only a few graded finer
HK467GEM BU$195
HK479NGC 65$165PLATE MEDAL in Pacific Coast book
HK482CNGC MS 63$65Silver-Plated variety
HK552AAU$59Nickel-German Silver, holed as all were made
HK553PCGS 62$696SILVER IKE. “STERLING” on edge
HK554NGC 64$6,800GOLD IKE, only 2 certified, 1 finer in 65
HK561NGC 63$65Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK589CVF$245Silver 1859 Nassau Water Works
HK601ANGC 65 BN$750Looks like a Bronze Proof, Ostheimer Collection
HK605NGC MS 64 BN$750TOP POP, only 7 certified
HK658NGC MS 62$2,750TOP POP, only 2 certified
HK700ANGC MS 66$179Near TOP POP, only 3 certified higher
HK780CH BU$635Bryan Dollar, wagon wheel
HK780AU$295Bryan Dollar, wagon wheel
HK799NGC MS 64$2,450TOP POP, no others certified, Thomas Elder issue
HK827NGC 62 PL$975Robbins on the Corner
HK829NGC 62 BN$735Aaron White
HK859BU $1,750Thomas Elder issue
HK867CH BU$1,150HK 867 & 868 & 869 all in original envelope with special fold
out holder. The envelope is postmarked Set 16, 1988 and
these medals have been in the envelope since the day they
were issued. All silver medals in perfect condition.
HK876NGC MS 65 BN$2,500TOP POP, Denver Mint issue
HK893BU$75Brass, gilted “PL”
HKUNLXF$151964 Charles Russel octagonal gold-plated

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Ten day return policy, no questions asked
Telephone or Email ordering suggested, the best items sell quickly!
Immediate refunds on sold out items