So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 10/12/2019

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Please check out my latest Fixed Price List below and let me know if you have any questions.

I will be setting up at the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association show in Portland, Oregon on November 1-3, 2019, in just a few weeks. I hope to see many of you there.

My book just received the award as the “BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR” on Tokens and Medals from the Numismatic Literary Guild and it also received the award “BEST CATALOG BOOK OF THE YEAR” from the Token & Medal Society. I am very excited about receiving both of those prestigious awards. Place your order today before they sell out. See the attached (pdf) flyer for details, visit my website or contact me.

HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK1PCGS AU Details$975Really BU with some pester
HK1AU$925Really BU with some pester
HK6NGC MS 60$1,175
HK6NGC AU$245Details, environmental damage
HK8NGC MS 62$575
HK9NGC MS 62 BN$875Only 7 certified, 1 finer
HK10BNGC MS 63 BN$975Bill Weber Collection, only 7 certified
HK13CH BU $475Silver-Plated
HK15NGC MS 65$445
HK15NGC MS 64$395
HK15NGC MS 63$345
HK15ANGC MS 66 PL$675TOP POP, Very thick planchet
HK17NGC MS 64 BN$625Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK20NGC MS 65$975Finest graded
HK21NGC MS 63 BN$285
HK21NGC MS 62$245
HK21AU $95
HK22NGC MS 61$235
HK22CH AU$68
HK24GEM BU $575Pointed 6
HK25NGC MS 66$595TOP POP!!
HK25NGC MS 64 BN$475Rounded 6, holed as made
HK25CH BU $245Rounded 6, holed as made
HK29CH AU$89Holed as made
HK41NGC MS 61 PL$385Only 2 graded in PL
HK44PCGS MS 62$875Only 3 certified
HK58NGC MS 61$695
HK74XF$79With original Red White and Blue ribbon & hanger
HK82NGC MS 61$325
HK92NGC MS 63$425
HK95NGC MS 64 PL$575Only 1 finer in 65
HK104NGC MS 63 DPL$450
HK110NGC MS 65 PL$745
HK118NGC MS 63$47515 certified, only 2 finer in 64, holed as made
HK118NGC MS 62$375
HK120ANGC MS 61$1,950Silver, only 5 certified
HK125NGC MS 63 DPL$465Looks like silver, holed as made
HK131NGC MS 63 RB$135
HK133NGC 63 BN$450
HK135NGC MS 61$185Holed as made
HK137NGC MS 64$115Restrike
HK154NGC MS 61$60
HK155NGC MS 64$55
HK155ICG MS 64$32
HK155NGC MS 61$135
HK158CH BU$125Micro signature on the base
HK255NGC MS 62 PL$395SH 7-17 AL
HK280ANGC MS 64 BN$550
HK291NGC MS 61$235
HK294NGC MS 62$450
HK296NGC MS 62$1,275Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK308NGC PF 63 UC$5,250Ultra Cameo
HK308NGC PF 60 UC$4,350Ultra Cameo
HK316-322ACH BU $775Set – Original metal box with HK 316, 319, 320, 321, 322A
HK369NGC MS 64$975Only 3 finer
HK447NGC MS 63 DPL$695
HK449NGC MS 62$1,250
HK465AU$225Unlisted Silver-Plated
HK471NGC MS 64 BN$495Heritage sold 64 for $764
HK471ANGC MS 65 BN$63533 certified, 7 better
HK487NGC MS 65$1,350J6, Charbneau, TOP POP, the only 1 in 65
HK490NGC MS 65$1,350J10, Charbneau
HK501NGC MS 63$49517 certified, 4 finer
HK506NGC MS 65$465Ostheimer Collection
HK538NGC MS 61$155
HK539NGC MS 64$545Edge marked #36 S. Soloman
HK541NGC MS 62$395Sterling Silver on edge
HK553NGC MS 65$1,075Silver Ike
HK655BNGC MS 63$725TOP POP, only 8 certified
HK680NGC AU 55$850
HK700ANGC MS 66 PL$110
HK751BNGC MS 64$195
HK751BCH BU$145
HK758XF$75Interesting error variety, planchet lamination
HK820NGC MS 65$1,275
HK821NGC MS 62$850
HK822NGC MS 63$1,650Heritage sold for $2,100
HK822NGC MS 62$1,295
HK827NGC MS 62$9502 finer in 63
HK827NGC MS 61$845
HK828NGC MS 64$5,750
HK829NGC MS 63 BN$950
HK876NGC MS 62 BN$1,250Plate SCD in Mega Red Book
1883AU$85Brooklyn, NY, holed as made
1911BU$85Astoria, OR
1940’sNGC MS 64$125Kellogg & Co. Gilt Slug Facsimile, Jeff Shevlin Collection
1940’sNGC MS 64$275Parker Humbert Target Facsimile, Jeff Shevlin Collection
SH25-17 ALXF $18Aluminum
1964CH BU$48Boy Scouts of America from Dickeson dies
HKUNLNGC MS 63$250Adams – McKinley Capital Commemorative, bronze
HKUNLNGC MS 63 BN$485GW-810 copper, Norwalk Memorial Medal with micro “C. No. 1”

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