So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 10/29/2019

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Below is my latest Fixed Price List of So-Called Dollars. This entire batch has been certified by PCGS with one exception – a raw GEM BU++ HK 574 B unlisted in Aluminum, Soil Conservation Medal.

I am curious to find out the level of interest in PCGS certified So-Called Dollars. Please share with me your comments.

HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK13PCGS MS 63$325Silver-Plated
HK25PCGS MS 63 BN$215Rounded 6 variety, holed as made
HK281PCGS AU 58$265Silver, PL
HK290APCGS MS 61$195Rare McKinley
HK291PCGS MS 63$325Proof Like, holed as made
HK299PCGS AU 58$125Error, Bronze strike-through on rev at 1:00
SH14-4GPPCGS MS 62$285HK 331A
SH18-12.1BZPCGS MS 63$140HK 402, 1962 Restrike
SH23-1.2GPPCGS MS 65$59HK 481 “Slashes”
SH23.1SPPCGS MS 65$125HK 482
HK491PCGS AU 58$115
HK507PCGS MS 64$395Scarcer silver variety
HK509PCGS MS 65 RD$89Red copper
HK530PCGS MS 63$275Edge #57, 250 struck, bright bronze
HK556APCGS MS 62$275Silver-Plated, attractive golden toning
HK557PCGS MS 67$195Very high grade!
HK558PCGS MS 64$95Silver-Plated
HK559PCGS MS 66$125
HK561PCGS MS 64$79Silver-Plated
HK561PCGS MS 63$65Silver-Plated
HK562PCGS MS 67$195Very high grade
HK562PCGS MS 66$145
HK563PCGS MS 67$195Very high grade
HK563PCGS MS 66$145
HK564PCGS MS 65$275Very small hole variety
HK564PCGS AU 55$125Large hole variety
HK565PCGS MS 63$135Very small hole variety
HK565PCGS MS 63$135Large hole variety
HK573PCGS MS 66$95
HK574BGEM BU $475Outstanding Soil Conservation medal unknown in Aluminum
HK577PCGS MS 63$45
HK585PCGS MS 65$89
HK586PCGS MS 64$75Nice toning
HK678PCGS MS 64$95
HK687APCGS MS 63$85Blue Anodized, holed as all were made L.A.R.S.#11
HK708PCGS MS 63$165
HK718PCGS MS 65$145DMPL Surfaces, very attractive
HK825PCGS MS 62$185Proof Like surfaces
HK853APCGS MS 66 RD$165Bashlow restrike in Bronze
HK853APCGS MS 65 RD$90Bashlow restrike in Bronze
HK854APCGS MS 65$115Q. David Bowers restrike in White Metal
HK854APCGS MS 64$85Q. David Bowers restrike in White Metal
HK854APCGS MS 62$55Q. David Bowers restrike in White Metal
HK856APCGS MS 64$70Bashlow restrike in Goldine

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