So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 11/1/2018

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The new book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” has arrived! 1,000 copies were printed and 200
were sold and shipped last week. The 400 page full color hard bound book with a forward by Q. David Bowers is $59.95.
100 Deluxe versions were printed with a leather cover and an 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition medal engraved by
George Morgan is encased in the cover and sells for $149.95. 33 Deluxe books were shipped last week. Place your book
order today before they all sell out. See the attached flyer for details.

Medals were struck that commemorate the release of the new book. They were struck in several compositions and sell
for $15 and up. See the attached flyer for details.

The Pocket Price Guide that coincides with the book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” is back from
the printers and readily available. Call me, order via email or my web site It is $19.95! You
don’t want to miss this opportunity, they are selling very fast!

I have on consignment a complete set of the Lovett Battle Series Dollars, all eight, struck in white metal. Only 6 to 13 of
each are certified, they are quite scarce. Grades vary from NGC 63 to NGC 65 PL, four are DPL’s, all high grades. Contact
me for details $4,350.

I also have the HK book 2008 reprint for sale for $75. They sell for $125 on eBay and Amazon.

I have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return
it within 10 days for a 100% refund. I also have an upgrade policy. If you purchase a medal from me and you later see
me offer the same medal in a higher grade you will get full purchase price credit toward the higher grade medal.

Remember, customers who provide me their “Want List” get first opportunity to acquire new purchases. About 30% of
my new purchases never make it to my Fixed Price List because they are pre-sold to collectors who have provided me
their “Want List”.

I have some exciting news to share:

Mega IV RED BOOK 2019 edition was just released in April. They list for $49.95 and I am selling them for
$38.00. The 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition So-Called Dollars are included in this edition, a must
for all So-Called Dollar collectors. I only have a few left at this price.

HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK9NGC 62 BN$1,450Near TOP POP, only 1 finer
HK13NGC 62$265
HK17NGC 64 BN$625Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK20NGC 61$275Steel grey toning with hints of blue
HK20NGC VF 35$65
HK21AU$120Reddish in color, perhaps or copper variety
HK26NGC 63 PL$325Pointed “6”, holed as almost all were made
HK26BU $145With original blue ribbon, holed as almost all were made
HK26FINE$18Rounded “6”, holed as almost all were made
HK74NGC 62$195
HK92Various$4,350A complete set of Lovett Battle Dollars. See note above.
HK132NGC 65 DPL$725TOP POP, only 8 certified in all types
HK135NGC 62 PL$365
HK155CH BU$135Rarer “Brass” early variety
HK155NGC UNC Details$15Improperly Cleaned
HK170CH BU$145
HK174GEM BU$295Heritage sold NGC 65 6/16 for $646
HK174CH BU $185
HK215BU $185
HK249NGC 64 PL$195Holed as almost all were made
HK249CH BU$139Holed as almost all were made
HK250BU$575Unlisted Silver Gold-Plated variety
HK255NGC 62 PL$345
HK283NGC 63$125
HK290 AAU$95Pester on reverse
HK290 AXF$75
HK303NGC UNC Details$22Environmental Damage
HK308NGC PF 65$5,900Ex Ford Collection, TOP POP, none graded higher than 65
HK324CH BU$425
HK325NGC 62$675Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK327NGC 65 BN$350Jeff Shevlin Collection, Near TOP POP, 1 finer in 66 beautiful toning
HK346NGC 62 BN$195Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK354NGC 64 BN$185
HK363CH BU $250SH 16-12 reeded edge, antiqued
HK367CH BU$180SH 16-13.1 Gold-Plated, plain edge
HK384NGC 63 RB$275TOP POP, finest of only 3 RB’s graded
HK399NGC 64$1,100Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK399NGC 64$975Jeff Shevlin Collection, grey and blue toning
HK400AU$70Bright bronze
HK400VF$45Antiqued bronze
HK401BU $235Gold-Plated
HK402GEM BU$2851963 restrike
HK403NGC 64$265
HK406GEM BU$325
HK407NGC 62$155
HK408NGC 62 BN$450Near TOP POP, only 5 finer
HK409NGC 64 BN$185
HK409CH BU $165
HK412NGC 62 BN$345Near TOP POP, only 5 finer
HK413NGC 55 BN$375Only 11 certified by NGC
HK415 ABU $195
HK420CH BU$235
HK422NGC 63$235No I&J variety
HK423XF$450SH 18-30 SP, Rare Silver-Plated, damaged reverse
HK449VF$125Silver Wilson Dollar, sea salvaged
HK453CH BU $165Gold-Plated
HK460GEM BU$95Rare this nice
HK460CH BU$65
HK460XF-AU$153 medals for $5 each, total $15
HK466NGC 62$89
HK469GEM BU$185
HKUNLBU$951933 COP, Rev HK 469A – Federal Building obverse
HK474 ACH BU$125
HK474 AAU$49
HK478NGC 64$260Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK479NGC 64$140Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK483CH BU $38SH 23-12.4 GP
HK483CH BU $45SH 23-12.1 GP
HK484CH BU $38SH 23-11.4 GP
HK486NGC 65$165
HK487NGC 64$1,975J6, TOP POP, Sterling Charbneau, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK494GEM BU$95
HK497NGC 66$350
HK497NGC 64$195
HK497NGC 62$110
HK509NGC 66 RD$165Jeff Shevlin Collection, over 400 graded, only 12 finer
HK509NGC 66 RB$150
HK518AU$95Only 1 certified, blank reverse
HK518 AXF$10
HK530GEM BU$325Edge #57, 250 struck, bright bronze
HK542NGC 66$145This is the plate medal in the Red Book
HK542GEM BU$95
HK547GEM BU$135
HK547CH BU $54
HK547CH BU$49
HK552 AAU$55Nickel, holed as made but plugged hole
HK556 ACH BU $345Silver-Plated, only 12 certified
HK557GEM BU $125
HK557GEM BU$75
HK557CH BU $60
HK558NGC 66$185TOP POP, only 7 in 66, Silver-Plated
HK558NGC 64$135Jeff Shevlin Collection, looks like a cameo proof
HK561NGC 66$165Near TOP POP, only 1 finer in 67, Silver-Plated
HK561CH BU PL$65Silver-Plated
HK562CH BU$35
HK562BU $29
HK565GEM BU $225
HK565BU $120
HK567CH BU $85
HK577GEM BU$85
HK582GEM BU $89With original envelope of issue
HK583NGC 67 RD$85
HK583NGC 66 RD$75
HK583CH BU$24
HK585NGC 65 PL$95
HK586NGC 66$89Near TOP POP, only 8 finer
HK588NGC 67$189
HK637 AAU$275BU with pester, net grade AU, holed as made, only 4 certified
HK657VF$165Scratches on obverse, removed loop, all were made with two
HKUNLXF$275See HK 638, signed METZ, unlisted medal, holed as made
HK662NGC 62 BN$150Only 9 finer
HK687NGC 58$23
HK689NGC UNC Details$17 Altered Color
HK696BU $49Die cracks on the obverse
HK698NGC 63$69
HK706NGC 63$115Near TOP POP, only 1 finer in 64
HKUNLAU$42like 720 but dated 1904-1954
HK730NGC 62 PL$575
HK733XF $135
HK734 BAU$135Lots of RED
HK739 ANGC 58$59
HK739 CVF$49Copper, but is really brass
HK740XF$45Reverse of SH 22-2
HK754CH BU$115Disney Dollar – gold anodized
HK781NGC 61$425In oversized holder
HK781BU $485
HK783NGC 62$875Heritage sold NGC 62 6/10/16 for $1,059
HK785AU$365Bryan Wagon Wheel
HK820NGC 61$595Jeff Shevlin Collection, beautiful light rose toning
HK836XF$85Much scarcer Bickford
HK854 ANGC 65 PL$125Jeff Shevlin Collection, Bowers 1961 restrike
HK854 ACH BU$58Bowers 1961 restrike
HK870NGC 65$260
HK870CH BU$135Light peripheral toning
HK870NGC 58$95
HK871NGC 63$265Near TOP POP, finest is 64, Polished as made
HKUNLCH BU $235SH 22-2 1935-36 California Pacific International Exposition
HK907CH BU$85
HK911CH BU $95Silver
HK912GEM BU$75
HK913GEM BU$115Gold-Plated
1925CH BU PL$115So-Called 1/2 Dollar 1925 Lexington
1935AU$115San Diego Expo California 1/2 Gold
1935BU$15Cape Cod Canal Bridge/Town of Bourne Inc. Gold-Plated
1962GEM BU$750Confederate Half Dollar restrike in Silver by Bashlow
1962CH BU$14Bronze

ADD $5.00 for Postage and Insurance
Ten day return policy, no questions asked
Telephone or Email ordering suggested, the best items sell quickly!
Immediate refunds on sold out items