So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 12/13/2017

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  • Bill Hyder and my newest book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” will be ready to go to print very, very soon. Along with the book I have a price guide that coincides with the medals that are in the book. I also have 7 different varieties of medals that were minted to commemmorate the book. The book will have two different versions, a regular full color hard bound version and a special limited collectors edition full color hard bound version that will have a new So-Called Dollar imbedded in the cover of the book. The regular full color hard bound version will sell for $59.95, the special limited collectors full color hard bound version will sell for $149.95. If you want to purchase both versions they will be discounted to $199.95. The Price Guide will sell for $19.95.
  • See something you want, but don’t want to pay today? My lay-away plan allows customers to purchase So-Called Dollars over time. There is no interest charged and you set the terms, you let me know how long you want to make payments and if it is reasonable I accept it.
  • I have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it within 10 days for a 100% refund. I also have an upgrade policy. If you purchase a medal from me and you later see me offer the same medal in a higher grade you will get full purchase price credit toward the higher grade medal.

HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK11CNGC 64 RB$2,850Near TOP POP, finest is 65, Heritage sold for $3,055 6/2017
HKUNLBU $350Similar to HK 12 with Grant on obverse, high relief / Let Us Have Peace
HK12ANGC 63$4,850Silver Grant, near TOP POP, 1 finer in 64
HK83NGC 63 BN$65014 certified, only 3 finer
HK84NGC 62$375Near TOP POP, only 1 finer in 63
HK87NGC 62 RB$545Only 2 certified, 1 finer in 64
HK120ANGC 61$3,695Silver Wyoming Battle & Massacure, only 5 graded
HK125CPCGS 64$5,900Silver, TOP POP, Battle of Groton Heights Centennial, only 2 certified
HK131NGC 62 BN$95
HK135BNGC 64$6,500Silver Washington Headquarters, TOP POP, the only 1 certified!
HK136NGC PROOF 62$4,500Silver PROOF Washington Valley Forge, only 4 certified
HK137NGC 64$85Modern Restrike
HK154NGC 64$95Bill Weber Collection
HK155NGC 64$135Bright, outstanding eye appeal
HK155NGC 64$115
HK222PCGS PL 62$360
HK245ANGC 63$275TOP POP, 24 graded and none finer
HK252NGC AU Details$65Environmental Damage
HK255NGC 62$265Near TOP POP, finest is 1 in 64
HK268NGC 64$12583 graded, only 15 finer
HK283NGC 62$140
HK296NGC 62$1,250Silver Wells Fargo Semi-Centennial
HK301NGC 63 RB$245
HK304NGC 65$185
HK308NGC PR 63 Cameo$5,800Silver Roosevelt, near TOP POP, only 2 finer.
HK315NGC 62 PL$115Only 7 graded finer, finest is 64 PL
HK319NGC 60$65
HK327NGC 62 BN$195
HK328NGC 65$315TOP POP, is misholdered as HK 329, holed as made
HK328NGC 63$295Near TOP POP, only 2 graded finer
HK331ANGC 62$140
HK331APCGS 55$95
HK353PCGS 63$395
HK354NGC 63 BN$145
HK355NGC 65 BN$295
HK359PCGS 64 RD$175
HK359PCGS 63 RB$150
HK360PCGS XF Details$1751909 1 DWT, Charbneau, GOLD, Cleaning
HK367NGC 63$129Near TOP POP, finest is 2 in 65
HK367PCGS 53$65
HK380NGC 65$425TOP POP, with loop as alll were made
HK399NGC 65$1,450Over 100 graded, 9 finer in 66, 1 in 67
HK399PCGS 63$1,200
HK400NGC 63$225
HK402NGC 62 BN$145
HK406NGC 63 BN$185Finest is 2 in 65
HK406NGC 62 BN$145
HK409PCGS 64 BN$185
HK409NGC 62 BN$130
HK411NGC 63$125
HK413NGC XF Details$275
HK415NGC 62$195
HK416NGC 63$165
HK419NGC 50 BN$195
HK428NGC 63$195
HK431NGC 64$625Near TOP POP, only 2 finer in 65
HK453NGC 63$135
HK460NGC 64$95Near TOP POP, finest is 65
HK460NGC 62$59
HK462NGC 63 BN$130
HK463NGC 64$95
HK464NGC 64$85
HK465NGC 64 RB$75
HK466NGC 61 BN$79
HK469NGC 63 PL$139
HK470NGC 64$110
HK473NGC 64 RB$65
HK474NGC 63 PL$89
HK481NGC 66$79Near TOP POP, finest is 4 in 67
HK481NGC 65$59Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK481NGC 64$35
HK482NGC 64$85
HK483NGC 67$140TOP POP, 3 in 67
HK483NGC 65$49
HK484NGC 66$85
HK484NGC 65$49
HK484NGC 64$39
HK488PCGS 62$2,950J1, Gold Charbneau, 1 D Solid Gold
HK490ANGC 64$285
HK490ANGC 63$285Bill Weber Collection, Plate Coin in H&K book
HK495NGC 65$125Near TOP POP, only 1 finer in 66
HK495NGC 64$85
HK506ANGC 64$575Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK507NGC 64$395
HK507PCGS 63$325
HK508NGC 65$120
HK509NGC 64 RD$70
HK509NGC 63 RB$64
HK510NGC 58$245
HK513NGC 64$125Near TOP POP, only 3 finer in 65
HK514NGC 64$125
HK515NGC 65$145Near TOP POP, finest is 66
HK516NGC 63$85
HK547NGC 65$95
HK549NGC 64$80
HK561NGC 65$135Only 6 finer in 66, 1 finer in 67
HK562NGC 65$85
HK563NGC 64$69
HK567NGC 64$85Near TOP POP, only 2 finer in 65
HK573NGC 67$145Only 6 graded finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK573NGC 66$95
HK573NGC 64$39
HK576NGC 67$250Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK576NGC 67$245Looped as made
HK577NGC 64$70
HK578NGC 65$115
HK582NGC 66$89
HK583NGC 65 RD$69
HK585NGC 65$89Only 6 graded finer
HK585NGC 64$69
HK586NGC 65$79
HK586NGC 64$75
HK587NGC 65$95
HK589NGC 66 RD$75
HK589NGC 65 RD$49
HK601NGC 62$235
HK623NGC 61$335
HK651NGC 58$59
HK651BNGC AU Details$300
HK667NGC 65$650TOP POP, Ostheimer Collection, H&K Plate 1st edition
HK687NGC 65$495Only 2 finer in 66, Jeff Shevlin Collection, orange annodized, holed as made
HK687NGC 65$295Only 3 finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection, blue annodized, holed as made
HK687NGC 62$74
HK689NGC 62 RD$95The only RED certified, BEAUTIFUL!
HK694NGC 62$65
HK696NGC 63$65
HK700ANGC 64$69
HK713NGC 65$95
HK714NGC UNC Details$15Obv scratched
HK716NGC 63 RD$85Near TOP POP, only 2 RED finer in 64
HK736NGC 64$160Near TOP POP, only 4 graded finer
HK739ANGC 61$110
HK758NGC 63 DPL$575Ostheimer Collection, HK Plate, 2nd edition
HK854NGC 55$875Dickeson original
HK872NGC 65$115TOP POP, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK902BU$129Rare not looped
1961NGC MS 64$15Astoria Sesquicentennial Good For 50C

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