So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 2/20/2019

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The new book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” has arrived! 1,000 copies were printed and 400 were sold in the past two months. The 300 page full color hard bound book with a forward by Q. David Bowers is $59.95. 100 Deluxe versions were printed with a leather cover and a 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition medal engraved by George Morgan is encased in the cover and sells for $149.95. 48 Deluxe books were sold last month. Place your book order today before they all sell out. See the attached flyer for details.

Medals were struck by Daniel Carr that commemorate the release of the new book. They were struck in several compositions and sell for $15 and up. See the attached flyer for details.

The Pocket Price Guide that coincides with the book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” is back from the printers and available. Call me, order via email or my web site They are $19.95! You don’t want to miss this opportunity, they are selling very fast!

I have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it within 10 days for a 100% refund. I also have an upgrade policy. If you purchase a medal from me and you later see me offer the same medal in a higher grade you will get full purchase price credit toward the higher grade medal.

Remember, customers who provide me their ?Want List? get first opportunity to acquire new purchases. About 30% of my new purchases never make it to my Fixed Price List because they are pre-sold to collectors who have provided me their ?Want List?.

I have some exciting news to share:

Mega IV RED BOOK 2019 edition was released in April. They list for $49.95 and I am selling them for $38.00. The 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition So-Called Dollars are included in this edition, a must for all So-Called Dollar collectors. I only have a few left at this price.

HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK1CH AU$1,250Uncirculated with pester, all HK 1’s have some pester
HK9NGC MS 63 BN$1,275Only 1 graded finer
HK10 BNGC MS 63 BN$1,225Bill Weber Collection
HK11 CNGC MS 62 RB$1,950Type 1
HK13PCGS MS 63$325
HK15NGC MS 65$445
HK15NGC MS 64$395
HK15NGC MS 63$345
HK17NGC MS 64 BN$625
HK20NGC MS 61$275
HK131NGC UNC Details$27Improperly cleaned
HK135 BNGC MS 64$6,500Washington Headquarters unknown in silver, the only silver certified
HK135NGC MS 62 PL$365
HK136NGC PF 62$4,500Silver, only 4 proof’s certified
HK137NGC MS 63 BN$595Bronze
HK154NGC MS 65$125
HK155NGC MS 64$135
HK171NGC MS 63$160
HK210BU $475
HK213NGC MS 61$495Only 2 certified, holed as made
HK222 ANGC MS 64 DPL$595Near TOP POP, finest is 65
HK236AU$59Holed as made
HK249CH BU$139Holed as made
HK255NGC MS 62 PL$345
HK255CH AU$145Heritage sold 61 6/2016 for $540
HK283NGC MS 65$325Near TOP POP, 140 graded, 10 finer
HK283BU $125
HK289ANACS AU 58$75
HK303NGC XF Details$35Improperly cleaned
HK304NGC MS 64$145
HK338GEM BU$175With original ribbon & bar
HK338GEM BU$115With original 1906-1956 envelope
HK338CH BU$85
HK344NGC MS 64$54549 graded, only 13 finer
HK394NGC 58 BN$165Looks really nice
HK398NGC MS 65$475
HK399NGC MS 65$1,650
HK400BU$89Bright bronze
HK402NGC MS 64 RB$235Original Strike – plate coin
HK416VF$30SH 18-7 GP Type A
HK427NGC MS 65 RB$460Bronze is scarcer thatn gold-plated
HK437NGC MS 65 PL$1,950Elder medal, TOP POP
HK449NGC MS 62$1,450Silver Wilson
HK485NGC MS 61$975Plate coin
HK487NGC MS 64$1,975Silver Charbneau J6
HK488PCGS MS 62$2,950Gold Charbneau J1
HK490 ANGC MS 66$395Plate coin, Top Pop and the only 1 in 66
HK490NGC MS 64$1,350Gold Plated Charbneau J10
HK497NGC MS 66$350
HK497NGC MS 64$195Stacks sold PCGS 64 4/17 for $306
HK509GEM BU $125In original celluloid flip
HK520NGC MS 66$135Near TOP POP, only 4 finer
HK530GEM BU$325#57 edge mark. Only 250 struck
HK556 ANGC MS 65$385
HK558NGC MS 64$135Looks like a cameo proof
HK563NGC MS 65$95
HK565NGC MS 64$165Holed as made
HK566NGC MS 63$245
HK573NGC MS 67$145
HK574NGC MS 64$235
HK575NGC MS 64$575
HK588NGC MS 67$189
HK589NGC MS 67 RD$125
HK591NGC MS 61 PL$575Only 5 certified, 1 PL finer in 62 PL
HK599 ANGC MS 62 PL$295
HK601NGC 62 DPL$295Rare, not holed
HK601NGC MS 62$235Holed as made
HK602NGC MS 62 BN$445
HK606NGC MS 62$425Heritage sold “62” for $495, holed as made.
HK611MMNS 60$685
HK631 ANGC AU 58 BN$235
HK680NGC AU 50$775
HK687GEM BU$195Annodized blue
HK690NGC MS 64$245
HK697NGC MS 67$495TOP POP and the only one in 67
HK697GEM BU$285
HK700NGC MS 67$245TOP POP, none finer
HK810NGC MS 62$2,750Silver Elder medal, TOP POP
HK821NGC MS 62$821
HK829NGC MS 62 BN$775
HK832NGC MS 63$195
HK835NGC MS 66$285
HK852 ANGC MS 63$179
HK853 ANGC MS 65 RB$90
HK854 ANGC MS 65 PL$125
HK856 ANGC MS 64$69
HK876NGC XF Details$495Stained
HK896BU $125Heritage sold NGC 55 for $128 6/16
HKUNLGEM BU$4851915 PPIE Jewel from Tower of Jewels, large, clear
HKUNLGEM BU$4351915 PPIE Jewel from Tower of Jewels, small, clear
HKUNLNGC MS 62 DPL$435Similar to Morgan’s HK 125D obv, 1883 GW -1138 WM Seal of NY city
HKUNLNGC MS 62$3951905 Oregon gold quarter dollar, Lewis & Clark Mount Hood
HKUNLGEM BU$2751915 PPIE Award Medal – Bronze
HKUNLCH BU$135HK155 Rare “Brass” early variety
HKUNLNGC MS 64$651938 18mm Silver Golden Gate Expo – Bridge
HKUNLAU$651889 Triennial conclave cast white metal. Knight on horse
HKUNLNGC MS 64$451939 31mm White Metal Golden Gate Expo – Bridge, Bill Weber Collection
$45Gold nugget .92 GRAMS

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