So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 3/29/20

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HK-1 1826 Erie Canal Completion SCD

Sold · 1826 · About Uncirculated

The Erie Canal Completion medal was struck in gold, silver, bronze and white metal. This…

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HK-6 1853 New York Crystal Palace Official SCD

Sold · 1853 · NGC MS 60

Only 14 graded with six finer. Struck for the first “International” Exposition held in the…

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HK-17 1875 Battle of Lexington Centennial SCD

Sold · 1875 · NGC 64 BN Jeff Shevlin Collection

“What a glorious morning for America” Samuel Adams exclaimed after the Battle of Lexington, April…

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HK-20 1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition Official SCD

Sold · 1876 · NGC 65 Official Medal

TOP POP, the finest graded silver variety. This is the Official Medal engraved by William…

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HK-25 1876 Centennial Liberty Bell / Independence Hall SCD

Sold · 1876 · NGC MS 66 BN

TOT POP and the only one graded in 66. The Centennial Exposition held in Philadelphia…

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HK-26 1876 Centennial Liberty Bell Rounded 6 / Independence Hall SCD

Sold · 1876 · NGC MS 61

William H. Key engraved two different dies with the Liberty Bell design. Careful inspection notes…

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HK-124 1879 Battle of Newtown Centennial SCD

Sold · 1879 · NGC MS 63 PL

Thirteen graded and only two finer. Struck on the 100th Anniversary of the Revolutionary War…

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HK-125B 1881 Battle of Groton Heights SCD

Sold · 1881 · NGC MS 65 PL Jeff Shevlin Collection

The only bronze Proof-Like graded by NGC. Engraved by George Hampden Lovett commemorating the famous…

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HK-371 1909 Hendrik Hudson Daalder SCD

Sold · 1909 · ANACS MS 65

Hendrik Hudson Daalder So-Called Dollar created by Thomas Elder in 1909 to commemorate the 300th…

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HK-449 1920 Wilson Dollar SCD

Sold · 1920 · NGC MS 63

Dies engraved by George Morgan of the Philadelphia Mint. Medals struck to commemorate the opening…

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HK-829 1861-65 Aaron White Satirical SCD

Sold · 1861-65 · NGC MS 62 BN

Struck early during the Civil War warning that paper money could become worthless. Sow hanging…

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HK-844 1898 Alaska Souvenir Gold SCD

Sold · 1898 · NGC MS 62 Ostheimer Collection

One of the M.E. Hart Coins of the Golden West, ALASKA GOLD ONE PINCH on…

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Fixed Price List

This Fixed Price List is one of two collections I purchased last month at the ANA Show in Georgia. This collection consists of over 100 certified So-Called Dollars. The second collection consists of over 200 raw So-Called Dollars that will be on my next Fixed Price List for April.

So-Called Dollars are the hottest area in numismatics. Since coin shows and so many other events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, now is the perfect time to pick up a good book and learn about the great International Expositions that helped develop our country. My latest book So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions won the award at the ANA as the best Book of the Year on medals and tokens. This is a story book about the eight expositions that were held on the Pacific Coast and the fascinating medals struck there. It is $59.95. Place your order right away.

If you haven’t been to my web site lately, now is the time to check it out. Hundreds of new photos have been uploaded, there are links to published articles and So-Called Dollars for sale.

Attached (pdf) is a flyer for my newest book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” which won two awards at the American Numismatic Association as the BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR on Medals and Tokens. Also attached (pdf) is a flyer for the commemorative medals struck for the release of the book.


HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK1AU$795Actually BU with typical pestering
HK6NGC 60$1,175America’s first Exposition, only 6 graded finer
HK8NGC 62$575
HK14NGC XF 45 BN$85Rare copper variety, only 7 certified
HK17NGC 64 BN$5951875 Battle of Lexington bronze, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK20NGC 65$975Silver, TOP POP, finest graded, only 2 in 65, attractive toning
HK25NGC 66 BN$575TOP POP and the only 1 certified in 66, holed as made
HK26NGC 61$145Rounded “6”
HK55NGC 63 PL$1,675TOP POP, Soley design, only 7 certified
HK55NGC 61 PL$1,275Only 7 certified, Soley design
HK83ANGC 63$7,4501876 Silver Centennial – TOP POP, only 1 other certified
HK124NGC 63 PL$675Near TOP POP, 13 graded, only 2 finer
HK125NGC 66 PL$925TOP POP, Heritage sold NGC 66 UC for $1,000
HK125BNGC 65 PL$750The only bronze PL graded, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK154NGC 64$95
HK166NGC 61$75
HK173PCGS 62$185Ferris Wheel
HK239NGC 61$145
HK283NGC 64$225
HK283ANACS 63$145Very attractive
HK289NGC 67$450
HK299NGC 63$235
HK301NGC 63 BN$245Rarer copper variety
HK308NGC PR 60 CAM$2,800Silver Roosevelt Proof Cameo
HK323NGC 61$75
HK333AANACS AU 58$75SH 14-2 GP, slab states “Rotated Dies Error”
HK347NGC 63$175
HK371ANACS 65$1,900Rare Gold Hendrik Hudson Daalder
HK371NGC 64$1,500Rare Gold Hendrik Hudson Daalder
HK373NGC 63$795Near TOP POP, only 1 finer, 7 certified, bronze
HK374NGC 63$95
HK380GEM BU$425Struck with loop as ALL were made
HK385NGC 63$165Holed as made
HK399NGC 65$1,495SH 18-1 S Beautiful light rose peripheral toning, 100 graded 10 finer
HK399PCGS AU 53$195
HK402MMNS 62$95SH 18-12 BZ restrike, in generic slab
HK403PCGS 63$225SH 18-13 AL
HK406NGC 62$145
HK411NGC UNC Details$35SH 18-24 YB
HK414ANACS AU 55$48SH 18-4 GP
HK415NGC 61$135SH 18-5 GP TYPE A
HK415ANGC 61$85SH 18-6 GP TYPE C
HK416XF$45SH 18-7 GP TYPE A
HK421NGC AU 58$195SH 18-10 BZ
HK422NGC 63$210SH 18-11 GP upper INJ variety
HK422NGC AU 55$115SH 18-11 GP upper INJ variety
HK426NGC VF 30$75SH 19-1 S, Silver
HK428NGC 64$175SH 19-1 GP
HK431Fine$18SH 19-2 GP in generic slab
HK449NGC 61$975
HK454NGC AU 58$59
HK456NGC 64$125
HK466PCGS 63$100
HK482CNGC 63$65Only 23 certified, silver-plated, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK488NGC 64$3,300Gold Charbneau “J2” 1D 10K SOLID GOLD
HK494NGC 63$59
HK508NGC 66$169Near TOP POP, 7 finer in 67. Includes original flyer of issue
HK510NGC 64$395
HK512NGC 65$85
HK527NGC 63$59
HK558NGC 64$145
HK562NGC 66$89
HK573NGC 67$145
HK578NGC 65$115With original envelope and holder of issue
HK687NGC 64$125Blue annodized aluminum, holed as all were made
HK688NGC 63$135
HK710NGC 64$285TOP POP, only 3 certified
HK745ICG 62$85
HK829NGC 62 BN$575
HK844NGC 62$925Hart coins of the Golden West – Ostheimer Collection
HK853ANGC 65 RB$85Bashlow bronze restrike
HK854ANGC 65 PL$89Q. David Bowers white metal restrike
HK911NGC 62$95

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