So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 4/17/20

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HK- 1905 Lewis and Clark Facing Busts SCD

Sold · 1905 · Very Fine

Hibler and Kappen likely overlooked this medal as it is incorrectly cataloged as 32mm in…

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HK-12 1869 Pacific Railway Completion SCD

Sold · 1869 · Brilliant Uncirculated Plus

Medal commemorates the completion of the first transcontinental railroad. Authorized by Congress and designed and…

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HK-22 1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition Official SCD

Sold · 1876 · NGC MS 61

The United States was sending a message to the world with the design of the…

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HK-74 1876 Centennail Declaration of Independence three seated one standing / Commemoration SCD

Sold · 1876 · Extra Fine

The obverse features a rendition of John Trumbull’s painting of the 1776 “Committee of Five”…

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HK-131 1901 Evacuation of Boston 125th Anniversary SCD

Sold · 1901 · NGC MS 64 BN Jeff Shevlin Collection

Near TOP POP, over 80 certified and only three graded finer. Obverse features George Washington…

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HK-171 1893 Columbian Ferris Wheel / Five Edifices SCD

Sold · 1893 · Brilliant Uncirculated ++

Ferris Wheel so-called dollar from the 1893 Columbian Exposition struck in Aluminum. Five edifices on…

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HK-221 1893 Columbian Liberty Head SCD

Sold · 1893 · Brilliant Uncirculated

The obverse features a profile of Liberty in high relief with stars along the perimeter.…

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HK-229 1893 Columbian Columbus / Mining Scene SCD – Unlisted Variety

Sold · 1893 · Very Fine

Unusual oblong shape with a bust of Columbus on the obverse and a detailed underground…

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HK-245A 1894 Midwinter Moise State Seal SCD

$49.00 · 1894 · Extra Fine Plus

A local San Francisco company, L.H. Moise, produced an unofficial version of the official medal.…

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HK-268 1895 Cotton States Official SCD

Sold · 1865 · Choice Brilliant Uncirculated

Struck by the U.S. Mint at the exposition and believed to be engraved by Charles…

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HK-400 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Official SCD

Sold · 1915 · Brilliant Uncirculated ++

The Official Medal from the 1915 Panama–Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco, California. Sculptor,…

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HK-408 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Mississippi State SCD

Sold · 1915 · Extra Fine

Obverse features portraits of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States during the Civil War,…

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HK-425 1915 PPIE Days of 49 Souvenir Slug SCD

Sold · 1915 · Brilliant Uncirculated ++

Obverse replica of $50 Gold Slug with eagle and shield in the center, “IN GOD…

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Fixed Price List

This Fixed Price List is the first half of a collection of uncertified So-Called Dollars I purchased at the ANA Show in Georgia. This collection consists of over 200 different So-Called Dollars. The second half of this collection will be on my next Fixed Price List.

So-Called Dollars are the hottest area in numismatics. Since coin shows and so many other events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, now is the perfect time to pick up a good book and learn about the great International Expositions that helped develop our country. My latest book So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions won the award at the ANA as the best Book of the Year on medals and tokens. This is a story book about the eight expositions that were held on the Pacific Coast and the fascinating medals struck there. It is $59.95. Place your order right away.

If you haven’t been to my web site lately, now is the time to check it out. Hundreds of new photos have been uploaded, there are links to published articles and So-Called Dollars for sale.

Attached (pdf) is a flyer for my newest book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” which won two awards at the American Numismatic Association as the BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR on Medals and Tokens. Also attached (pdf) is a flyer for the commemorative medals struck for the release of the book.

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HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK12BU $675Nice mahogany color with reflective surfaces
HK15BU$125Gold-Plated Pilgrim Jubilee
HK74XF $79With red, white and blue badge
HK131BU $95
HK137GEM BU$85Restrike
HK171BU $105
HK174BU $85
HK229VF$95Unlisted reverse variety
HK245AXF $49
HK249XF$35Holed as made
HK268CH BU$145
HK304BU $105
HK314CH AU$35
HKUNLVF$175SH 14-11 GP Lewis & Clark facing busts SCD
HK328AU$150SH 14-3 SP Lewis and Clark 34mm SCD
HK332AU$165SH 14-6 GP
HK333BCH AU$125SH 14-2 SP
HK338GEM BU$165With original 1906-1956 Pike Sesquicentennial envelop of issue
HK346VF$10BU with stained areas
HK347CH BU$165
HK349BU $95
HK354CH BU $185SH 16-1 BZ
HK354BU$180Sandblasted variety SH 16-11 BZ SB
HK354XF$35SH 16-1 BZ
HK355CH BU $170SH 16-1 CU
HK355CH BU$110SH 16-1 CU
HK357CH BU$195Unlisted Silver-Plated with FOB SH 16-10 SP
HKUNLFine$25HK 364 variety, SH 16-2 Gold-Plated
HK367GEM BU$295SH 16-13 GP
HK367AU$58SH 16-13 GP
HK367XF$28SH 16-13 GP
HK370GEM BU $345
HK380BU$225Looped as all were made
HK400BU $165Statuary Bronze SH 18-1 SBZ
HK401BU $185SH 18-1 BBZ
HK404ABU $165SH 18-14.1 rare “P” higher than “B” variety
HK405VF$65SH 18-15 BZ
HK407AU$109SH 18-18 YB
HK408XF$165SH 18-19 CP
HK409CH BU $150SH 18-20 AB
HK411AU$29SH 18-24 YB
HK412XF$145SH 18-25 BZ
HK416XF$34SH 18-6 GP
HK420BU$185SH 18-10 ASP
HK422BU $195SH 18-11.1 GP Lower I&J variety
HK424BU$245SH 18-31.1 GP CG Brinker over I&J
HK425BU $325SH 18-32 GP
HK427BU $195SH 19-1 BZ
HK428BU $145SH 19-1 GP
HK430CH BU PL$295SH 19-2 BZ
1933XF $25Century of Progress Good Luck Fortune Teller Swasticka
HK451CH BU $160
HK453CH BU$135
HK454CH BU$175
HK454BU $135
HK454CH AU$59
HK456GEM BU$165
HK462CH BU $145
HK463BU $68
HK464GEM BU$135
HK464ABU $69
HK465CH BU$39
HK466CH AU$28
HK469CH BU $165
HK473CH BU$34
HK473CH BU$34
HK474AU$80Lead cast variety copper gilt
HK478Fine$15SH 23-4 GP
HK481GEM BU$35Modern “Museum” replica
HK483BU $25SH 23-12 GP
HK484BU$17SH 23-11.4 GP Short digit 1, left
HK507AU$85With original flyer
HK508GEM BU$120
HK509CH BU RD$38
HK510CH BU$375
HK513BU $115
HK518ACH BU $75
HK526GEM BU $145
HK527GEM BU$115
HK527CH BU PL$85
HK542GEM BU$85
HK542CH BU$65
HK545CH BU$38
HK547CH BU$45

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Telephone or Email ordering suggested, the best items sell quickly!
Immediate refunds on sold out items