So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 5/29/2019

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I just received 350 certified So-Called Dollars from NGC. This group listed below is an interesting selection of better varieties not offered for sale very often as well as some unusually high graded examples. I hope there is something here for you.

I will be setting up at the Long Beach Show June 6th-8th at my usual table #852. I will also be setting up for the first time ever at the Colorado Springs Show June 20th-22nd at table #112. I look forward to seeing you at one of those shows, let me know if you will make it to either show.

Sales from my last Fixed Price List of 1962 Seattle So-Called Dollars were very strong. There are only a few certified Seattle pieces left. Let me know if you want to pick up one.

The new book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” has arrived! The 300 page full color hard bound book with a forward by Q. David Bowers is $59.95. 100 Deluxe versions were printed with a leather cover and a 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition medal engraved by George Morgan is encased in the cover and sells for $149.95. Place your book order today before they all sell out. See the attached flyer for details.

Medals were struck by Daniel Carr that commemorate the release of the new book. They were struck in several compositions and sell for $15 and up. See the attached flyer for details.

The Pocket Price Guide that coincides with the book “So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions” is $19.95 Call me, order via email or my web site You don’t want to miss this opportunity, they are selling very fast!

I have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase you can return it within 10 days for a 100% refund. I also have an upgrade policy. If you purchase a medal from me and you later see me offer the same medal in a higher grade you will get full purchase price credit toward the higher grade medal.

Remember, customers who provide me their “Want List” get first opportunity to acquire new purchases. About 30% of my new purchases never make it to my Fixed Price List because they are pre-sold to collectors who have provided me their “Want List”.

See something you want, but don’t want to pay today? My lay-away plan allows customers to purchase So-Called Dollars over time. There is no interest charged and you set the terms, you let me know how long you want to make payments and if it is reasonable I accept it.

HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK6NGC MS 62$1,875TOP POP, 14 certified
HK21NGC MS 63$285
HK25NGC MS 64$475
HK44NGC MS 62$875Only 3 certified
HK79NGC MS 63$1,325Only 1 other certified
HK95NGC MS 64 DPL$575Near TOP POP, only 1 finer, 10 certified
HK101NGC MS 63 DPL$52516 certified, 5 finer
HK104NGC MS 64 DPL$57514 certified, 2 finer
HK107NGC MS 46 DPL$57513 certified, no DPL finer
HK110NGC MS 65 PL$745TOP POP, none finer
HK113NGC MS 63 DPL$5259 certified, 2 finer
HK131NGC MS 63 RB$135Near TOP POP, only 2 finer
HK128NGC MS 62$325Only 8 certified, holed as made
HK132NGC MS 63$395Only 8 certified
HK137NGC 64$115Restrike
HK155NGC MS 65$135Looks like an NGC MS 67
HK157NGC MS 63$185Near TOP POP, 50 graded only 4 finer
HK159NGC MS 61$135
HK169NGC MS 63$175
HK169NGC MS 62$150
HK170NGC MS 61 PL$130Looks like Choice BU
HK173NGC MS 61$145
HK174NGC MS 64$185Heritage sold NGC 65 for $646 6/2016
HK174NGC MS 63$125
HK215NGC MS 63$185
HK289NGC MS 67$450Near TOP POP, only 1 finer
HK289NGC MS 64$145
HK299BU$79Lightly hairlined, Stacks sold a BU hairlined for $156 May 2019
HK304NGC MS 67$285TOP POP, only 4 in this grade
HK310NGC MS 63$170
HK313ANGC MS 63 PL$325Plain edge, holed as made
HK340ANGC AU 55$115Clock tower variety
HK341NGC MS 61$145
HK374NGC MS 62$95
HK380NGC MS 62$325With loop as ALL were made
HK399PCGS MS 63$850Stacks sold NGC 62 for $900 May 2019
HK402NGC MS 63$225Original striking, Stacks sold NGC 63 for $480 May 2019
HK402NGC MS 63$140Restrike, Stacks sold NGC 63 for $480 May 2019
HK453NGC MS 65$225Heritage sold NGC 64 for $517
HK454NGC MS 64$140Near TOP POP, finest is 6 in 65
HK456NGC MS 65$14571 certified, only 5 finer
HK458NGC MS 65$395Near TOP POP, only 1 finer
HK474ANGC MS 64$175
HK514NGC MS 66$285TOP POP, only 2 in 66
HK527NGC MS 66$85
HK538NGC MS 62$185
HK539NGC MS 64$545Silver, edge #36 S. SOLOMON
HK547NGC MS 67$195
HK547NGC MS 66$135
HK549NGC MS 64$80
HK556NGC MS 67$1,200TOP POP, only 10 certified, “STERLING” on edge
HK556ANGC MS 66$600TOP POP, Silver-Plated, only 12 certified
HK557NGC MS 67$195Near TOP POP, only 2 finer
HK557NGC MS 66$125
HK577NGC MS 66$100Only 2 finer
HK585NGC MS 62 DPL$89The only DPL graded by NGC
HK637ANGC MS 61$425Only 4 certified
HK661ANGC MS 65$295Near TOP POP, only 1 finer
HK697NGC MS 67$495TOP POP and only 2 in 67
HK699NGC MS 64 DPL$175
HK718NGC MS 64 DPL$145Near TOP POP, finest is 65
HK737NGC MS 63$11544 graded, only 4 finer
HK739ANGC MS 63$175Near TOP POP, only 1 finer
HK764NGC MS 63$210Only 1 finer in 64
HK772NGC MS 64$265Only 3 finer
HK779NGC MS 55$1,4751910 restrike, only 6 certified, 3 finer
HK822NGC MS 63$1,950Near TOP POP, only 1 finer, 9 certified
HK828NGC MS 64$6,750Only 6 certified
HK853AMGC MS 65 RB$79Stacks sold NGC 63 RD for $90 May 2019
HK854ANGC MS 66 PL$165Near TOP POP, finest is 67
HK856ANGC MS 66$135Near TOP POP, over 200 certified, only 10 finer
HK856ANGC MS 65 DPL$115Stacks sold NGC 65 (not DPL) for $144 May 2019
HK856ANGC MS 64$69
HK870NGC MS 65$215
HK876NGC MS 62 BN$1,250This Denver Mint SCD is the plate medal in Mega Red Book
HK896NGC MS 63$75Only 1 finer in 64
HK896NGC MS 62 DPL$75The only DPL
HK906NGC MS 62$75
HK907NGC MS 63$85
HK912NGC MS 64$89Only 4 graded finer
HKUNLNGC MS 62$285Rare 1927 Lincoln aluminum, by Thomas Elder, Delorey-48
HKUNLNGC MS 64 RB$145Bashlow Somner Island/Hudson Fulton HK 369 Rev, Copper
HKUNLNGC PF 64 UC$125HK 19 obverse – 1976 restrike in silver
1962NGC MS 66$795Bashlow Confederate States of America 50 restrike in silver

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