So-Called Dollars Fixed Price List: 7/11/2019

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Listed below is my latest So-Called Dollar Fixed Price List. These are primarily new purchased from the Colorado Springs show that I just returned from. There are quite a few pieces I have never before offered for sale. Let me know if there is anything you are interested in.

HK/Date Grade Price Description
HK41NGC MS 61 PL$385Looks nice, only 2 finer in PL
HK44PCGS MS 62$875Only 3 certified
HK92NGC MS 63$425Lovett Battle Series
HK98NGC MS 63 DPL$495Only 9 certified
HK101NGC MS 63$45012 graded, only 5 finer
HK104NGC MS 64 PL$575The finest PL graded, only 1 DPL finer
HK110NGC MS 65 PL$745TOP POP in PL, there is also 1 65 DPL certified
HK118NGC MS 63$47515 certified, only 2 finer in 64
HK125BGEM BU$975
HK126CBU $1,250Only 1 certified
HK131NGC MS 63 RB$135Only 2 Red Brown’s certified finer in 64
HK135NGC MS 62$325Washington Headquarters and Washington Family Crest
HK135NGC MS 61$185Washington Headquarters and Washington Family Crest
HK137NGC MS 64$115Restrike
HK145BU $450
HK173CH BU$250Full Turban Building reverse variety
HK299BU$189ERROR – bronze strike-through on reverse at 1:00
HK388ANGC 58$895Rare silver Spanish variety
HK400NGC 58$85Mislabeled by NGC as 401, actually HK 400 bright bronze
HK453NGC MS 65$225Near TOP POP, only 1 finer in 66, see note below
HK453CH BU$135Heritage sold NGC 64 for $517 6/2016
HK454NGC MS 64$165Near TOP POP, finest is 6 in 65
HK454CH BU $135Was in an NGC 64 holder, original NGC slip included
HK454NGC MS 62$135
HK469NGC MS 63 PL$145
HK470NGC MS 64 RED$110Only 13 graded Red
HK471NGC MS 65$575Near TOP POP, finest is 66
HK478NGC MS 62$165SH 23-4 GP
HK512NGC MS 64$75Ostheimer Collection
HK538GEM BU$325
HK538BU $185
HK538NGC MS 61$155
HK540NGC MS 64$565TOP POP. Is actually HK 539 with “STERLING #24 J.B. SURECK” on edge
HK541NGC MS 62$395
HK547NGC 66$135102 certified, only 6 graded finer
HK553NGC 65$1,075STERLING Ike
HK566NGC MS 62$145Silver, sterling
HK577GEM BU$95Includes original Colorado Springs Jamboree 5 cent ticket
HK577CH BU $68
HK484CH BU$59
HK587CH BU$85Includes original 1/2 page advertisement flyer with medal attached
HK588GEM BU$95Includes original envelope of issue
HK595AU$185Looks like a proof
HK610BU $650
HK670NGC MS 64$395Only 4 certified, with loop as all were made
HK670ANGC MS 62$425Only 3 certified, 1 finer, with loop as all were made
HK670BNGC MS 63$450The only 1 certified, with loop as all were made
HK671NGC 58$350
HK674CH BU $245
HK691NGC MS 63$265Only 12 certified, looped as all were made
HK739ANGC MS 62$125The finest graded Mint State is 63
HK743NGC MS 61$6920 certified, only 5 finer, Jeff Shevlin Collection
HK749CH BU $89
HK749BU $39
HK773NGC MS 64$165Near TOP POP, finest is 65
HK774NGC MS 65$125Near TOP POP, only 2 finer in 66
HK774CH BU$95Striking error, restruck twice shifted
HK822NGC MS 63$1,650Only 1 finer in 64, Heritage sold 62 for $2,100
HK822NGC MS 62$1,250
HKUNLNGC MS 63 BN$485GW-810 copper, Norwalk Memorial Medal with micro “C. No. 1”

ADD $5.00 for Postage and Insurance
Ten day return policy, no questions asked
Telephone or Email ordering suggested, the best items sell quickly!
Immediate refunds on sold out items