SOLD: HK-4 1826 U.S. Semicentennial SCD


Reference HK-4
Date 1826
Grade VF
Price $2,800.00
Item # 2048
Metal White Metal

Struck on the 50th Anniversary of the United States independence, all So-Called Dollars from the 1826 U.S. Semicentennial are prized possessions held tightly in advanced collections today. This piece is struck in white metal and holed as made as virtually all known pieces are. For some reason that I am not yet aware of, the majority of theses pieces have had the date either removed or re-tooled. This is a scarcer example with an original unimpaired date. Rare with the date not tooled. Actually in pretty nice condition for a Semicentennial medal. An opportunity to add a Semicentennial medal to your collection is not likely to happen more than a few times in your lifetime. Only four have been certified by NGC.