SOLD: HK-74C 1876 Centennial Declaration of Independence three seated one standing / Commemoration SCD

NGC Uncirculated details

Reference HK-74C
SH 2-53 GP
Date 1876
Grade Uncirculated details
Price $750.00
Item # 3975
Metal Gold-Plated
Engraved By George Hampden Lovett

Only one has been certified by NGC. This Gold-Plated variety was previously unknown until it was cataloged in the new book on So-Called Dollars Volume I: United States Expositions. Certified uncirculated details, cleaned, due to hairlines on the reverse. The obverse, likely engraved by George H. Lovett, features a copy of John Trumbull’s painting of the 1776 Congress Committee of Five making its report on the Declaration of Independence. This variety has three people seated and one person standing to the right of the Committee of Five, the die is not signed. The reverse commemoration legend has a microscopic “Pat. Nov. 3 1874 H&L” below.