For Sale: HK-110 1876 Centennial Exposition Lovett Battle #7 of Fort Washington SCD

$495.00 · NGC MS 63 DPL

Reference HK-110
SH 2-63 WM
Date 1876
Grade MS 63 DPL
Price $495.00
Item # 3418
Metal White Metal
Engraved By George Hampden Lovett

This same medal, in a lower grade, PCGS SP 62, sold for $699 in eBay in June, 2023. This one is $200 less and in a higher grade!!! Only four graded DPL and only two finer. The seventh in a series of eight medals with a large bust of Washington engraved and issued by George Hampden Lovett to commemorate George Washington’s Revolutionary Battles of 1776. After defeating the Continental Army under the command of their Commander-in-Chief, George Washington, at the battle of Whit Plains, British General William Howe looked to capture the last American stronghold, Fort Washington, on Manhattan. The Battle of Fort Washington was a decisive British victory and the entire garrison of 3,000 men were forced to surrender.