SOLD: HK-80 1876 Centennial Grand Entrance SCD


Reference HK-80
SH 2-44 GP
Date 1876
Grade AU
Price $495.00
Item # 3645
Metal Gold-Plated
Engraved By George Hampden Lovett

This is the scarce gold-plated variety and it is not listed in H&K.
This is is the only exposition building die not engraved by Key; it is a George Hampden Lovett design and engraving of the Main Building, titled GRAND ENTRANCE. Signed U.S.M.Co., Lovett produced the dies for this medal, which was sold by U.S. Medal Company. Both Key and Lovett produced Centennial Exposition dies for the U.S. Medal Company. Struck in four different compositions, according to Frossard’s 1876 listing.