SOLD: HK-24 1876 Centennial Liberty Bell Rounded 6 / Independence Hall SCD


Reference HK-24
Date 1876
Grade CH BU
Price $245.00
Item # 2066
Metal Bronze

Very attractive with outstanding eye appeal, a wonderful bronze example. The Centennial Exposition held in Philadelphia had the Liberty Bell on display. William H. Key engraved two different dies with the Liberty Bell design. Careful inspection reveals numerous differences, most noticeably the digit 6 in the date. This variety has a rounded 6 on both the obverse and reverse; the other die variety (SH 2-3) has a pointed 6. These dies are not found paired with any other dies and are almost always found holed. William H. Key was the assistant engraver to William Barber, 1864-1885, his signature is below Independence Hall.