SOLD: HK-110 UNL 1876 Centennial Lovett Small Bust Battle Fort Washington #7 SCD


Reference HK-110 UNL
SH 2-71 (view)
Date 1876
Grade MS 63
Price $3,400.00
Item # 2087
Metal Bronze
Engraved By George Hampden Lovett

This features the small bust of Washington, referred to as the Second Obverse. Although this is graded by PCGS, there appears to be none certified by NGC in their population report. Exceptionally scarce. Struck in bronze. The seventh in a series of eight medals with a smaller bust of Washington, engraved and issued by George Hampden Lovett to commemorate the Revolutionary Battles of 1776. They share the same eight reverses as the Lovett Battle Series and are considerably scarcer.