For Sale: HK-29 1876 Centennial Small Liberty Bell With Star / Independence Hall With Trees SCD with name engraved

$285.00 · BU

Reference HK-29
SH 2-45 WM
Date 1876
Grade BU
Price $285.00
Item # 2070
Metal White Metal

An uncirculated centennial medal with the name “W.L. Hale N.Y.” engraved on the reverse below Independence Hall. It was not unusual for attendees to have their names engraved on medals they purchased at the exposition. Obviously unique. The HK 29 is a bit of a sleeper, the number of white metal examples certified is about half that of the large bell HK 26. The smaller Liberty Bell design is found with and without a star at 6:00 in the lower legend. This is the more common with star variety. There are other differences in the star and non star dies but the star is the main diagnostic indicator. Issued by John W. Kline of Philadelphia.