SOLD: HK-591 1880 Nashville Centennial Exposition Official SCD

XF details

Reference HK-591
SH 3-21 WM
Date 1880
Grade XF details
Price $125.00
Item # 3601
Metal White Metal

The Nashville Centennial Exposition building is on the obverse. On the reverse is a statue of Major General Andrew Jackson as he appeared while reviewing his troops at the Battle of New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 8, 1815. Thirteen years later he became the seventh president of the United States. The Tennessee Historical Society was involved in planning exposition activities, and they purchased and erected the Jackson statue. The dies are not signed and the engraver is unknown. This is an old holder from Numismatic Conservation Services, which is part of NGC, but they used to issue their own holders. Graded XF details – repaired scratched. This SCD had a hole that has been filled.