For Sale: HK-142 1885 World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition Official SCD

$575.00 · NGC MS 61 PL

Reference HK-142
SH 4-1 WM
Date 1885
Grade MS 61 PL
Price $575.00
Item # 3957
Metal White Metal
Engraved By George Morgan

Morgan engraved both the obverse and reverse dies, using David G. Yates artwork from the reverse of the 1876 Centennial medal for the obverse. The White Medal versions were struck at the mint exhibit. The reverse design illustrates a three-quarters view of the main exposition hall. Wm. H. Warner & Bro. sold both the bronze and white metal varieties.
This medal has 154 denticles. The same central punch was used to create SH 4-41, 4-51, and 4-91, which have 209 denticles.