SOLD: HK-159 1893 Columbian Childs Columbus with Legend in Scrolls / Small Aluminum Wreath SCD


Reference HK-159
SH 6-130 AL
Date 1893
Grade AU
Price $90.00
Item # 3653
Metal Aluminum

This is one of my favorite medals because as I was cataloging and examining it for my book, I discovered that it was a re-engraved obverse die. Another variation of the Christopher Columbus obverse with another variation of the Aluminum Wreath reverse. Although both obverse and reverse dies of this piece are similar to other World Columbian dies, the authors have never seen either of them combined with any others. Careful examination of Columbus’s bust truncation reveals that just slightly above the exergue with the combined dates is the tip of the O for OA, a Childs engraver. The Childs obverse die used for SH 6-131 through SH 6-133 was re-engraved to create this die.