SOLD: HK-241 1893 Columbian Childs Trinity Of Heroes / Baby Ruth SCD


Reference HK-241
SH 6-26 AL
Date 1893
Grade MS 62
Price $325.00
Item # 3995
Metal Aluminum

There are two Child’s reverse die varieties for this piece. The variety shown here has S D CHILDS CHICAGO on the reverse at the bottom left and right, and is signed SF in the curve of the left ribbon below Cleveland’s bust. The second variety is signed OA. This obverse is signed OA on Grants bust truncation. There is also an obverse die signed SF on Grants truncation, but it is not known with this reverse die. Obverse features Baby Ruth between President and Mrs. Taft. Reverse features the Trinity of Heroes with busts of Lincoln, Washington and Grant. Struck in Aluminum.