SOLD: HK-223 1893 Columbian Saint-Gaudens & Barber SCD

NGC XF 45 BN Jeff Shevlin Collection

Reference HK-223
SH 6-7
Date 1893
Grade XF 45 BN
Price $95.00
Item # 3347
Metal Bronze

Obverse designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and the reverse designed by Charles Barber. The obverse features a full-length figure of Columbus stepping ashore on the soil of the New World. On the obverse, the hooded figure with beard and a hooked nose to the right of Columbus is none other than Augustus Saint-Gaudens himself, his only known self-portrait. Barber’s reverse features a plaque in the center with an inscription and an insert below for the name of the recipient. Above the plaque is a globe flanked by two semi-nude females, below the plaque is a sailing ship, the Santa Maria. There are torches on either side of the plaque.