For Sale: HK-308 1904 Louisiana Purchase Roosevelt SCD

$3,450.00 · NGC PF 62 CAMEO

Reference HK-308
SH 13-6.2 S
Date 1904
Grade PF 62 CAMEO
Price $3,450.00
Item # 3860
Metal Silver

This is a silver PROOF variety SH 13-6.2 SPR, with the scarcer edge marking SILBER 0,900. A Proof 63 UC sold for $7,475. Struck in silver by Lauer with three different silver edge markings. Silber on edge is German for silver. One of the most popular so-called dollars. Considered by the authors to be one of the three kings of so-called dollars, along with the “1878 Washington Valley Forge” and the “1869 Grant Pacific Railway Completion.” SH 13-6.2 was struck on a thicker, heavier planchet and is only 90% silver. You can see the edge marking in this holder at the top.