For Sale: HK-471A 1933 C.O.P. Italian Building / Raising a Torch SCD

$595.00 · NGC MS 64 BN

Reference HK-471A
SH 21-6 BZ
Date 1933
Grade MS 64 BN
Price $595.00
Item # 3510
Metal Bronze

Only 24 certified. Obverse features what is most likely the Italian Exhibit Building, with 20 airplanes converging towards the upper right with buildings below. Concave design on the obverse only. Microscopic signature SILVA at bottom, JOHNSON at 2 o’clock near rim. A nude male and female on the reverse, raising a torch above the Chicago skyline and looking at the exposition grounds in the distance. The male is leaning on a pickax, the female is standing on books. The reverse is not signed.