For Sale: HK-466 1933 Century of Progress Ford Exposition 1934 SCD

$75.00 · BU++ Jeff Shevlin Collection

Reference HK-466
SH 21-20 BZ
Date 1933
Grade BU++
Price $75.00
Item # 3749
Metal Bronze

Along the outside edge is a large gear, there is a horizontal “V8” superimposed on each other pointing to the left. Microscopic “c WDT” at the bottom. A large but thin “V8” on the reverse. What appeared to be modern replicas struck from different dies with squared letters, 2mm larger and in various compositions, were sold around 2012. Henry Ford choose not to participate in the 1933 COP, but built the Ford Rotunda and did participate in 1934. The 1933 “Ford Radiator” so-called dollar, HK 465, has been excluded from our listing.