SOLD: HK-484 1939 GGIE 1939 Petroleum SCD


Reference HK-484
SH 23-11.4
Date 1939
Grade CH BU
Price $28.00
Item # 3161
Metal Gold-Plated

There are five different die varieties of the 1939 Petroleum Dollar. This is SH 23-11.4 which has obverse 3 with the short “1” of 1939 and reverse 4 with the “TO” to the left of the “GS” of BRINGS. On the obverse is a large oil well centered. The reverse has text explaining the values of petroleum products. The 1939 Petroleum Dollar die pair combinations are diagramed and explained in the book “So-Called Dollard from the Pacific Coast Expositions” by Jeff Shevlin and Bill Hyder.