For Sale: HK-510 1954 Cradle of the Union Celebration SCD

$550.00 · NGC MS 66 Jeff Shevlin Collection

Reference HK-510
Date 1954
Grade MS 66
Price $550.00
Item # 3983
Metal Silver

Near TOP POP, only two graded finer by NGC in 67. This was previously sold by Bowers and Merina in their Ebenezer Milton Saunders Collection sale held on November 9-11, 1987. The envelope from that sale is included with this SCD. The “Cradle of the Union” celebration was held in Albany, N.Y. in 1954 to honor the 1754 First American Congress. Obverse features the Albany Stadt Huys. The Serpent in segments on the reverse was an adaptation from a design by Benjamin Franklin “join or die”. Struck in SILVER.