For Sale: 2023 Copper Continental Dollar Restrike

$50.00 · GEM BU

Date 2023
Grade GEM BU
Price $50.00
Item # 3333
Metal Copper

Struck in copper by Daniel Carr.

The Continental Dollar restrikes have been popular with collectors since they were originally made in 1861 by Professor Montroville Dickeson. Dickeson’s dies fell into the hands of a number of prominent numismatists including Thomas Elder, Q. David Bowers and Robert Bashlow, that used them to issue restrikes.

The dies were reported to have been donated to the Smithsonian, but the hubs created from Dickeson’s original dies were acquired by Jeff Shevlin and were reused to create new dies. Daniel Carr of the Moonlight Mint created the new dies from which these restrikes were made.