SOLD: HK-319 Louisiana Purchase Schwaab Electricity / Fraternity SCD – complete set of five medals


Reference HK-319
Date 1904
Grade GEM BU +
Price $1,395.00
Item # 2031
Metal Aluminum

This is the second medal of a group lot that consists of the 5 aluminum medals with the aluminum case they were originally sold with. All five are absolutely pristine. All five pieces grade GEM BU+ DMPL!!! They were put in the round aluminum box in 1904 when they were struck and they have remained in that box since then. They have never even been put into a 2×2 flip. I believe that every one of these would probably be the finest graded if sent in for certification. I hope whoever buys this set, keeps it intact as it has been for the past 117 years, passed down from generation to generation by a noteworthy numismatist. Of course, the new buyer can do as he/she pleases.

HK 316, 319, 320, 321, 322A. All five pieces grade GEM BU+ DMPL.