1964 NYWF Unisphere with Dates SCD

1964 · SH 26-15 GP, SP

Reference SH 26-15 GP, SP
Date 1964
Metal Gold-Plated, Silver-Plated
Weight 8.82-9.1 g
Diameter 35.3-36.2 mm
Designed By
Engraved By
Minted By
Rarity R-5

A two dimension engraving of the Unisphere on the obverse with NEW YORK WORLD’S FAIR above. Struck in brass and silver-plated with select gold-plating. The gold-plating is on the legends and the globe. Blank reverse except for microscopic “c 1964 NYWF” at top; some are copyrighted on the reverse and some are not. Struck with an integrated loop. The design is similar to the Seattle World’s Fair SH 25-21. There are two different obverse die varieties. The Unisphere variety is not copyrighted on the reverse.


1964 New York World's Fair