Centennial Washington Large Bust / Liberty Bell

1876 · SH 2-11 CU · HK-32A

Reference SH 2-11 CU
Date 1876
Metal Copper
Diameter 37.7 mm
Designed By
Engraved By George B. Soley
William H. Key
Minted By
Rarity R-8

The Washington bust design engraved by Soley is combined with the Liberty Bell design engraved by Key. Both dies are unsigned. This and the medal below are the only Soley & Key die pairs, except for the scrolls reverse (SH 2-7). H. W. Holland in the 1876 American Journal of Numismatics – “Centennial Medals”, states that this was struck in silver, copper and white metal, no mention of bronze.


1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition