Centennial Washington See How We Prosper

1876 · SH 2-86 WM

Reference SH 2-86 WM
Date 1876
Metal White Metal
Diameter 45 mm
Designed By
Engraved By Rudolf Laubenheimer
Minted By
Rarity R-6

Obverse bust of Washington, engraved by German-American engraver Rudolf Laubenheimer. One of five different obverse designs that share a common “See How We Prosper” reverse. According to Joe Levine of Presidential Auctions, 25 were srtuck in bronze and a smaller number in silver. The set of five medals was sold by U.S. Medallion Company, designed and patented by jeweler S.J. Delon of New York, according to Frossard’s 1876 listing.


1876 U.S. Centennial Exposition