Official Souvenir Slug

1915 · SH 18-29 GP

Reference SH 18-29 GP
Date 1915
Metal Gold-Plated
Diameter 40 mm
Designed By
Engraved By
Minted By
Rarity R-7

Official Souvenir Slug legend is centered above within the center beaded circle, PPIE below in interwoven artistic letters. This design has a larger and bolder perimeter legend then on other slug facsimilies. The reason for this great rarity is because when the signature Brinker was punched into the die it was misspelled Spinker. The B of Brinker was punched with an S. Augustus Humbert $50 gold slug facsimile with 000 THOU in the banner above the eagle on the reverse.


1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition