For Sale: HK-89A 1876 Centennial Main Building / Art Gallery SCD

Sold · AU

Reference HK-89A
SH 2-42 WM
Date 1876
Grade AU
Price Sold
Item # 2081
Metal White Metal
Designed By William H. Key
Engraved By William H. Key

The Edifice of the Art Gallery is on the obverse. It is one of the many Centennial So-Called Dollars engraved by William F. Key, who was an assistant engraver at the U.S. Mint from 1864-
1885. Key signature is below the edifice to the left. Reverse legend “1776 Illustrating the Growth and Prosperity of a Free People in a hundred years 1876”. Microscopic signature on reverse “PAT NOV 3 1874 H&L”. Technically an uncirculated piece with some pestering, net grade AU.