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So-Called Dollars Made of White Metal (WM)

Inter-State Industrial Exposition Official Medal

1873 · SH 1-11 WM · White Metal · 1873 Inter-State Industrial Exposition of Chicago

The Inter-State Exposition Building, modeled after the London and New York Crystal Palaces adorns the…

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1879 Pittsburgh Exposition Official Medal

1879 · SH 3-11 WM · White Metal · 1879 Pittsburgh Exposition

The Western Pennsylvania Numismatic Society exhibited again in 1879 and commissioned a new obverse die…

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National Mining & Industrial Exposition Official Medal

1882 · SH 3-31 WM · White Metal · 1882 National Mining and Industrial Exposition

The primary three-story exposition building depicted on the obverse was built in the shape of…

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Minneapolis Industrial Exposition Official Medal

1886 · SH 4-72 WM · White Metal · 1886 Minneapolis Industrial Exposition

Legend on the obverse Minneapolis Industrial Exposition with a large edifice in the center. Micro…

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1887 St. Louis Exposition Official Medal

1887 · SH 4-81 WM · White Metal · 1887 St. Louis Exposition

Icons of the arts and industry adorn the obverse, the Music Hall edifice is on…

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Hornellsville Exposition Official Medal

1887 · SH 4-121 WM · White Metal · 1887 Hornellsville Exposition

The main exposition building is on the obverse, a wreath and the exposition dates are…

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National Railway Electric & Industrial Exposition Official Medal

1889 · SH 5-61 WM · White Metal · 1889 National Railway Electric and Industrial Exposition

Over a dozen ears of corn are hanging on the obverse, Korn King to either…

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Northwestern Industrial Exposition Official Medal

1890 · SH 5-71 WM · White Metal · 1890 Northwestern Industrial Exposition

The main exposition building appears on the obverse with a micro signature below and to…

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Southern Exposition Official Medal

1883 · SH 3-51 WM · White Metal · 1883 Southern Exposition

The main exposition building adorns the obverse. Reverse legend states the exposition opens August 1st…

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1826 U.S. Semicentennial SCD

1826 · HK-4 · White Metal · Category: 1820

Struck to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. An eagle perched on…

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New York Crystal Palace Official Medal

1853 · SH 1-1 WM · HK-6 · White Metal · 1853 New York Crystal Palace

Struck for the first “International” Exposition held in the United States and hosted in New…

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Heenan Boxing Champion of America

1860 · HK-10 · White Metal · Category: 1860

Bust features John C. Heenan the “Benicia Boy” who won the first clear claim to…

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Evacuation of Valley Forge 125th Anniversary

1903 · HK-132 · White Metal · Category: 1900

George Washington in high relief adorns the obverse. Struck to commemorate the 125th anniversary of…

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Ohio Valley Exposition George Washington

1888 · HK-146 · White Metal · 1888 Ohio Valley and Central States Centennial

The Ohio Valley and Central States Centennial Exposition which ran for 100 days was held…

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Remember the Maine

1898 · HK-285 · White Metal · Category: 1890

The U.S. Battleship Maine was sent to Havana Cuba in January 1898 on a goodwill…

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1859 Nassau Water Works White Metal SCD

1859 · HK-589B · White Metal · Category: 1850

Neptune moves a lever with his right arm, which causes water to gush out of…

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American Exposition of Foreign Products Official Medal

1883 · SH 3-41 WM · HK-594 · White Metal · 1883 American Expo of Foreign Products

A large spread eagle on the obverse. The Arts and Manufactures Building is on the…

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