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Dickeson Continental Dollar & Modern Restrikes

1861 · HK-852

Professor and prominent numismatist Montroville Dickeson, publisher of the American Numismatic Manual of 1859, had…

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Dickeson Perseverando/Confederation

1861 · HK-866B · Bronze

For the obverse, Dickeson adopted a vignette from the Perseverando $6 bills issued by the…

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Heenan Boxing Champion of America

1860 · HK-10 · White Metal

Bust features John C. Heenan the “Benicia Boy” who won the first clear claim to…

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Sayers Boxing Champion of England

1860 · HK-10B · Copper

The Boxing Champion of England, Thomas Sayers bust adorns the obverse. Struck to commemorate the…

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Bombardment of Fort Sumter

1861 · HK-11B

A battle scene on the obverse depicts exploding bombs and smoke as Fort Sumter is…

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Grant Transcontinental Railway Completion

1869 · HK-12A

The completion of the first transcontinental railroad was a major technological accomplishment. Only 20 years…

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