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1876 Centennial Expo Liberty Bell Medal

HK291A is one of my favorite SCDs from the Pan Am Expo with a marvelous view of the fair on the reverse. Here is a link to the finest graded per the NGC pop report: I am new to the world of collecting SCDs and was hoping this forum could answer a couple of questions. Is the HK-291A accepted as a SCD by definition? NGC will slab them. But, I have not seen an example without a loop yet. I believe these did originally come without a loop, as I have seen specimans with only one loop at the middle top instead of two. My second question is do SCD collectors collect or distinguish by die varieties? There are two distinct reverse dies on the 291A, one I would describe as small letters (spacing) and one as large letters. The RUA Buffalo Rebus piece is sometimes offered on ebay as a Pan Am tie-in, but I have not found concrete evidence to support that. Some circumstantial evidence is compelling though. The obverse buffalo design is strikingly similar to HK291. RUA Buffalo was used as a promotional slogan for the expo and I have seen a badge that used similar graphics (the letters "RUA" with a design of a buffalo head). I have seen references to this piece as being from a saloon, but the saloon piece is different (here is a link with a photo of that piece ). I have also seen this referenced as a tie-in to the UK fraternal organization Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, but that may be far fetched. There are two other medals with similar designs as the picture above, but the buffalo is different two and the donkey on the reverse is different on one. Let me know if you would like to see photos of these other two designs (if I can figure out how to post photos here). edited by libertycap on 8/9/2014

(img)att1(/img),"(imgatt2(/img)" Just won this medal in online auction, can anyone provide any further info regards manufacture, etc.? All I know is it's white metal and HK-26. Has a blue ribbon attached.