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1915 PPIE Slugs

1915 PPIE Slugs Thread

Seems like there are a number of slugs issued related to the Panama Pacific Intl Expo. Attached is one I am not very familiar with and would like to know more about. I didn't find it listed in the 2008 Holabird/Kagin Weber Auction catalog, but the Jankovsky guide has it as an R-8/R-9 item 40mm x 2.2mm made by Greenduck. While it is graded by NGC as HK-425A, it's not in the Hibler/Kappen book, so how it got HK-425A, I don't know. Does anyone know more of the history of this piece?

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This slug facsimile (Weber #3; Jankovsky-315 aka HK-424A) sold recently in the 2013 Holabird-Kagin WESTS auction for a discounted price compared to the highs of 2008. The Jankovsky guide to slugs says that these die-struck pieces were made by Moise-Klinkner Co around 1915 (in the timeframe of the PPIE), so I thought i'd post it here. I also posted the same item slabbed as HK-424A. There may be some debate as to whether they could have also been made in 1939 for the GGIE (Earl Parker). The unslabbed one in the photo is about 40-41mm diameter x 2.5mm thick with coin orientation and seems real & GEM. These pieces were also made in a lower quality cast version (J-335) in the 1930s and later in the 1950s/60s but in a medal orientation. edited by rjesinger on 8/24/2013

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I have an example of the PPIE medal that rjesinger posted about on 12/30/2012 and the medal was from the Grand Council of California U. C. T. which is the United Commercial Travelers. The example I have has no stains on the pendant and is not engraved with a name on the reverse of the pendant. Ed

I have one of each. I think that the I & J should be a variety such as #424A.