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1915 State of Nevada Comm. Medal

This medal was awarded by the Panama Pacific International Exposition. It was made by the Shreve Company from California and is silver. It has an incredibly high relief and is 38mm in size. I have attached some photos and would appreciate any further information or comments anyone would have on this piece.

I wish I knew more of the exact details on the issue of these medals Jeff. Here is the Montana one I got in the Holabird auction in 2016 (thanks to NGC for allowing me to get this into a protective slab). I've seen one from Oregon owned by a dealer in Portland, but I haven't seen any other states yet. There was a very detailed book published on the PPIE a few years back, but there wasn't much detailed on these types of issues. The bronze ones seem to have been issued to important people who contributed to the exposition. I'm not aware of gold versions, but perhaps we should search the archives of the ANS in New York. edited by rjesinger on 7/19/2017

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Well.... this medal sold in the 2017 November Stacks-Bowers Auction.... given to the French.... in particular, the French Minister of Labor, Jean-Baptiste Bienvenu-Martin, who served in that position for over a year before the government administration changed in October 1915. The medal was in the Richard Stuart Collection before it sold. I am not sure the French were at the PPIE to get this medal; WWI was raging, and from what I have read, the french exhibit space was empty during the expo due to WWI. edited by rjesinger on 27.11.2017

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